Through Georgia's Education Expense Credit, the GOAL Scholarship Program allows taxpayers to play a vital role in improving K-12 educational opportunities. This is a win-win-win for taxpayer donors, scholarship recipients, and our school community. This valuable Georgia law has been provided to us by our state legislators. In 2018, the Georgia legislature nearly doubled the available tax credits, alleviating the "oversubscription" problem of past years.

By simply contributing to Georgia GOAL for a 100% Georgia income tax credit, you will help maximize this source of financial assistance for students, who would otherwise not be able to afford a Christ-centered education at Mount Paran Christian School. Your participation will be a great benefit to our school community and will make a significant difference in students’ lives.

Click to watch the video and learn how to “take the credit” toward a student scholarship.


Georgia GOAL will continue to submit any tax credit applications that come through its website until they are notified that yearly the cap has been reached! 

    Single individual or head of household – up to $1,000
    Married couple filing a joint return – up to $2,500
    Married couple filing a separate return – up to $1,250
    S corporation shareholder, LLC member, or partnership partner – up to 75% of the entity's Georgia tax liability
    C corporation or Trust – up to 75% of annual Georgia income tax liability
Goal's 5 steps


Thank you, businesses! MPCS would like to thank these businesses who have “taken the credit” through the Georgia GOAL Scholarship program! Since its inception, parents and businesses have helped more than 270 students benefit from an MPCS education.

Applications for 2022 GOAL education tax credits have accelerated. To insure you will be able to participate and receive a 2022 education tax credit, we encourage you to apply now. 

The Benefit of GOAL from MPCS Alumn

“The Georgia GOAL program has been a blessing to our family. It has given us the opportunity to have our daughter learn in a Christ-centered environment. As a result, she is growing to be a kind, loving, considerate, and compassionate young lady whom we love and admire. She is striving to be the best she can be and is maintaining a 4.0 GPA. We feel very blessed. Thank you!”

- A Grateful GOAL Parent

GA Goal Helps Students

Business owners seeking additional information about tax implications and benefits of the Georgia GOAL program may want to learn more by checking out this fantastic podcast.

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Cindy Gibbs
Assistant Director, Development