At the heart of the GOAL Program is the incredible opportunity for Georgia taxpayers to play an invaluable role in supporting private K-12 education. By redirecting a portion of your state income tax dollars, you can make a real difference in students and families lives here at MPCS. These are tax dollars you are already paying, so why not re-direct a portion of your state tax dollars to the school of your choice, like Mount Paran Christian School. It's a win-win situation, where you can make a meaningful contribution while fulfilling your tax obligations.

The response to the GOAL Program has been astounding, with the 2023 tax credit cap being met on the very first business day of the year. In fact, the program was "oversubscribed" on day one, resulting in all applications being prorated to 78 cents on the dollar. We anticipate an even higher demand in 2024, making it crucial for you to take advantage of this opportunity and submit your application before the end of 2023. Don't miss out on securing your tax credit for the upcoming year!

Learn How to Make Your 2024 GOAL Contribution


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Through Georgia's Education Expense Credit, the GOAL Scholarship Program allows taxpayers to play a vital role in improving K-12 educational opportunities. MPCS has partnered with Georgia GOAL since the program's inception in 2008. Since that time, more than 300 qualified, mission-fit students who may otherwise not have been able to attend have walked the MPCS halls, receiving a Christ-focused education. 

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A special message for business owners:

For pass-through business owners, there are two fantastic options to contribute to GOAL and receive double tax benefits!

1. Pass-through businesses making the HB 149 election can contribute up to 75% of their entire state income tax liability to GOAL. This generous contribution entitles you to a 100% state income tax credit and a federal income tax deduction, allowing you to make a substantial impact.

2. Pass-through owners not making the HB 149 election can contribute up to $25,000, a significant increase from the previous limit of $10,000. Moreover, there is a possibility that your contribution may qualify as an ordinary and necessary business expense, offering both a federal tax deduction and a state tax credit. This presents a compelling opportunity to support education while optimizing your business’s financial strategy.


MPCS would like to thank the businesses who have “taken the credit” through the Georgia GOAL Scholarship program! Since its inception, parents and businesses have helped more than 300 students benefit from an MPCS education.

“We are so grateful to be part of the MPCS family, and, without the GOAL assistance, we would not be here. It has changed our children's lives, and they are so thankful for the opportunity to have an education at such a great school.”

- A Grateful Parent

The Benefits of GOAL from an MPCS Alumnus
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Cindy Gibbs
Assistant Director of Development