eTechCampus e-book and textbook partner


MPCS is proud to announce our new e-book and textbook provider, eTech Campus. Middle and high school parents will enjoy maximum online purchasing flexibility as well as better prices and tech support through our new partner.

Middle and high school parents have been e-mailed log in and password information to the order student materials in their customized course booklist using the online portal in the eTechCampus Bookstore

Every student has a unique login which creates an individualized bookshelf for the student’s classes all in one place for easy ordering. *A separate book order must be placed for each student using the unique student email information. The basic steps to order are below:  

  1. Click Shop Now under ORDER TEXTBOOKS.
  2. Note that free shipping begins now, disregard the dates on the site.
  3. Click “Log in with Clever.”
  4. The book store will autoload the student’s courses and textbooks assigned for each course.
  5. Some books are marked “Required” and others are “Optional”. You must select all “Required” books.  The optional books are not required, but may be purchased if desired.
  6. Continue to the first checkout page and read the “Textbook Condition Terms” and make a selection.
  7. Continue by selecting “Proceed to Checkout”.
  8. The final secure checkout page will require that you enter your child’s FULL NAME. This is important for account creation with e-book titles.
  9. Next, enter the parent name and email.
  10. Complete the payment steps.  
  11. Note that any books purchased through marketplace vendors do not receive the eTech free shipping benefit.

If you have questions regarding your student’s email access, please contact the IT Helpdesk.


eTechCampus will also be providing Book Buy-backs in the summertime for any hard-copy textbooks you’d like to sell. Please click here for instructions on book buy-backs.