Project-based learning provides context to any academic discipline, elevating students’ appreciation and evaluation of the material they are learning. When the topics are science and mathematics, the usefulness of technology and engineering is revealed at the point where creativity and innovative thinking occur. Students of all ages benefit from this type of STEM/STEAM study.
A growing body of research suggests the enterprise of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) as a transdisciplinary subject can be advanced and enhanced by systematically infusing it with creative design or "Arts." Such an approach is known as STEAM. Mount Paran Christian School makes use of both STEM and STEAM approaches in educational methodology.



MPCS is intent on providing relevant educational experiences that leave lasting impressions on students’ minds and hearts, instilling durable knowledge. Our goal is to equip students with skills and tools to engage the culture and workforce of the twenty-first century.  

From preschool through high school, each division has initiated an aligned action plan that serves to develop students in STEM/STEAM disciplines. With K-12 Project Lead The Way® curriculum, learning experiences are authentic, hands-on, and application-oriented. Students are engaged as investigators, experimenters, designers, and makers. MPCS is proud to be an official Project Lead The Way® school!

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Recognizing the high value of a hands-on STEAM classroom during the early years, preschool faculty has embraced STEAM as part of the PreK exploratory program. A center-based approach incorporates technology and art. In addition, we create a focus on science, math, and engineering outside of the regular classroom. 

The weekly STEAM class is based upon preschool thematic units and allows students to engage in hands-on learning and collaboration with their peers. Curiosity and imagination thrive within preschoolers, so the MPCS STEAM program nutures their natural creativity in a safe environment.

Younger siblings and families in our local community may also attend the FREE PreK STEAM classes and camps held quarterly. 

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Lower School STEAM

Kindergarten through fifth grade students participate in weekly STEAM classes where critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and communication skills are nurtured and developed through hands-on learning experiences. Students begin understanding the basics of computer science in programming using Code.org. Lower schoolers are able to explore and create using MinecraftEdu and through Makerspace in a large, designated area within the Myrick Media Center. Second and third grade students work in the on-campus garden, growing and studying plants with hands-on experience, bringing their learning to life.

Lower school students in grades 2-5 may also participate in extra-curricular STEAM and robotics exploration through FLL Jr. (FIRST® LEGO® League) as well as Project Lead The Way® programming. 

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Middle School STEAM

Sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students continue building their critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and communication skills through STEAM exploratory classes as well as science and math classes offered at the core and advanced levels. Students have the opportunity to take Project Lead The Way® GateWay courses such as Computer Science for Innovators and Makers and Design and Modeling, which are geared toward building excitement for STEM fields while preparing them for high school PLTW engineering tracks.

Middle school students who qualify may also participate as part of several Eagle Robotics middle school teams which compete in the FIRST® LEGO® League (FLL) robotics circuit. FLL transitions into high school FIRST® robotics.

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High School STEM/STEAM

High school has both stand-alone science, math, and computer science courses as well as integrated STEM courses through Project Lead The Way® (PLTW) Engineering. PLTW is weighted as honors-level coursework. Most stand-alone courses are offered at the core, honors, and AP levels. 

The high school program also features STEM Majors — an MPCS endorsement awarded to students who have completed a suite of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics courses, in addition to applied STEM experiences. Students who have successfully completed a regimen of AP science and PLTW engineering courses may additionally seek AP+PLTW Certification. Students participate in STEM seminars, expositions, applied science experiences, and internships. They may also participate in various Eagle Robotics teams which compete in FIRST® competitions thoughout the year. 

STEAM projects at MPCS

As a Christian school, we honor students’ inquisitive nature to explore and discover the created world (Psalm 111:2). We nurture their ability to design and create new and innovative solutions to authentic problems. In this way, students are trained both to uncover that which has never been known about our world, while creating and innovating a newly-designed environment that has yet to exist (Exodus 35:30-35).

Middle School Building Project

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Eagle Robotics at MPCS

Eagle Robotics

High School

Eagle Robotics engages a diverse group of students with a unified desire to develop their God-given talents and abilities in STEM/STEAM, while honoring God with a balance of professionalism, service, and infectious joviality.

Varsity and junior varsity robotics teams compete in the FTC (FIRST® Tech Challenge) national robotics competitions, engineering for a specific robot and "game" each year. The FIRST® program inspires innovation and leadership challenges created to ignite curiosity and passion in students and develop skills necessary for futures in engineering-related fields. Learn more about Eagle Robotics teams and competitions.

Eagle Robotics
Middle School

MPCS offers Middle School Robotics FLL (FIRST® LEGO® League) for grades 6-8. The challenge applies LEGO® MINDSTORMS® technologies for robot design using STEAM. The FLL season culminates at high-energy, sports-like tournaments. 

Lower School

FLL Jr. (FIRST® LEGO® League Jr.) for grades 2-5 is designed to introduce younger children to the fun and excitement of solving problems with STEAM.


“I was afforded the unique opportunity of an externship with a local hospital’s anesthesiology department, where I was first introduced to my future career. This exposure allowed me to be far ahead of my peers in pursuing medicine. And, by playing sports, serving as class chaplain, and participation in Key Club, I learned firsthand what it means to be a servant-leader."

-Dr. A. Anderson '11

Free Preschool STEAM classes