Dr. Susan Banke
Board of Trustee
Mr. Jason Beard
High School, Assistant Head
Dave Bennett
Director, Information Technology
Steve Bohlmann
Academic Dean / Director of Directed Studies
David Bottoms
Board of Trustee
Cary Brague
Director, Arts
Ashley Cochran
Middle School Dean, Eighth Grade Math
Andrew Crain
Board of Trustee
Angie Davis
Board of Trustee
Dr. Deborah Davis
Lower School, Head
George Ethridge
MPCS Board Chair
Jodee Foster
Director, Human Resources
Janet Fulbright
Director, Business and Finance
Dr. Trici Holmes
Director, College Counseling
Mitch Jordan
Director, Athletics
Scott Keller
Board of Trustee
Steve Kyle
Director, Christian Life
Viola Lussier
Director, Guidance Counseling
Kathleen McCook
MAC Managing Director
Donna McCoy
Director, Auxiliary Services
Paul Montaperto
Middle School, Head
Jennifer New
Chief Development Officer
Cindy Rainey
Board of Trustee
Julie Ray
Chief Financial Officer
Katy Rogers
Lower School, Assistant Head
Tawanna Rusk
High School, Head
Dr. Kathy Schwaig
Board of Trustee
John Sess
Director, Operations
David Sheffield
Board of Trustee
Michelle Stubbs
Board of Trustee
Catina Taliaferro
Director, Diversity and Inclusion
Tiffany Westbrook
Director, Marketing & Communications
Dr. Tim Wiens
Head of School
Alison Wilbur
Middle School, Assistant Head