The role of the arts

MPCS supports curricular programming that leverages the arts as a viable vehicle for the training of academic minds. Arts education trains creative thinkers and provides experiences that open the neuropathways that are used for math, science, and language arts. From lower school through high school, students are exposed to opportunities in the arts that can yield significant results for how a student can be a more powerful thinker in the academic classroom and beyond. There is no doubt or mystery why universities and corporations seek individuals who have arts backgrounds because creative thinking skills are transferred into academic and professional success.

In lower school, MCPS students are provided arts experiences that lay a basic foundation for differentiated and creative learning. From non-traditional classroom setups to contextual drawing and painting, and from learning how to sing or play in instrument to standing on a stage to perform, lower school arts students engage in whole-learning to include emotional and self esteem development, team-building, and character development. The arts becomes a powerful tool that begins to awaken creative and aesthetic thinking.

Middle school students have opportunities to "dig deeper" in the arts through band, chorus, orchestra, theatre, dance, and visual arts, taking a course sequence that builds upon itself through the middle school years. As students progress, arts study moves from an exploratory focus to a more meaningful venture, where raw-passion talent meets effort and sacrifice. Students go beyond grabbing the easy, fun, "first fruits" of their talents, and learn personal discipline skills to refine and grow their gifts. The arts curriculum meets them where they are, nurtures their deepened interest, and heightened personal growth is the result.

While the high school offers a full-fledged arts education program common to other schools, MPCS also offers the Dozier School of the Arts, an arts magnet program that enables students to triangulate arts, academics, and Christian life in a way that creates practitioners of the arts trained to transform the arts for Christ. MPCS offers training in audio engineering in the Murray SoundLab, an industry-standard recording studio that is gaining recognition on a national scale. Students are afforded the opportunity to work in a studio that records music from local hobby musicians to Grammy award-winning artists. High school arts also includes co-curricular activities such as jazz band, marching band, drumline, winterguard, musical and dramatic theatre, and show choir.

Through the breadth of arts training opportunities that the school provides, MPCS is committed to training students to be educated consumers and performers of the arts, with the hopes that current arts culture might be changed through the efforts of the school and the inspiration of God’s word

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