Cultivating Character

What is the most important concept your child can learn during their brief time under your roof? Before entering the world, your child needs to grasp the Truth of Jesus Christ. And this Truth is increasingly under fire in our culture and schools. Shouldn't it be crucial then, to guarantee this foundation of character through everything your child learns during their hours at school? Mount Paran Christian School exists to provide a stellar academic experience with Christ at the center. Through curricular Bible classes, weekly chapel, discipleship groups, and service, faith becomes ingrained into who each student is. From the smallest three-year-old to the tallest high school senior, our mission is to prepare servant-leaders to honor God, love others, and walk in Truth.

How does a Christian school stack up academically?

Students are given every opportunity to excel in the classroom with small teacher-student ratios and rigorous course loads. We offer 56 AP and honors/STEAM classes — more than any other private school in Cobb County. In addition, top-notch curriculum such as Project Lead the Way (engineering), a gifted program, instructional support program, robotics, exploratories, and a 1:1 device Connected Learning program are offered. Uncompromising academics are in no way sacrificed due to our Christian faith; nowhere in scripture is mediocrity applauded. However, our unwavering commitment to exemplary academics goes hand-in-hand with nurturing faith within the hearts and minds of our students.

We are family

When you visit MPCS, you will notice the bustling hallways, the comradery between upper and lower classmen, the energy during Friday night lights, the confidence on stage opening night, or the Truth woven into daily wisdom and love nurtured in the classroom. Come experience the energy — it’s what makes this place exceptional. It's what makes MPCS family.

Headmaster Blog

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