The Connected Learning Program

“The emergence of powerful technologies, increasingly high-quality digital resources, and the platforms capable of tailoring teaching are significantly enhancing the promise of personalized, connected, real-world learning.”  —Steve Bohlmann, MPCS Academic Dean
Our students are inheriting a world of rapid change and increasing personalization. Enabled by technology, this is revolutionizing how we communicate, how we work, and how we learn. Mount Paran Christian School recognizes this environment and engages our students’ God-given uniqueness through learning experiences which drive diverse critical thinking, communication, collaboration, curiosity, and creativity. It is the human connection paired with the power of connected technologies.
Teaching our students to critically access and discern digital information, our Connected Learning program equips students to think deeply, skillfully, and innovatively. Through this program, our teaching models are on a journey to be appropriately student-centered, recognizing the student’s unique design and helping them apply that insight to the world in which they serve.
Technology adds a completely new dimension to teaching and learning, which MPCS is committed to explore in a developmentally appropriate way at every level of the school.

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  • High School

    During the 2018-19 school year, the Connected Learning program will expand to include school-provided devices for all high school students.
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  • Middle School

    Upon entering sixth grade, students receive a school-issued Surface Pro 4 device to use in the classroom and at home. Instruction on responsible use is embedded in daily lessons, preparing students to form and use Christ-like discernment and habits.
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  • Lower School

    Technology in the classroom is evident throughout the kindergarten through fifth grade classes.
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  • Preschool

    Our youngest students have been born digital-natives, using technology comfortably at home at an early age.
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What do our teachers and students think?

“I knew as a teacher it could revolutionize my classroom and the way that I teach. For the first time after 14 years of being in the classroom, I feel like I can teach them to the level at which they need to be taught. They have never been more energized. They are excited to come to class, and what they love is, we seek their input in our classrooms. For the first time I think they are taking ownership in the classroom.”  Amanda Varner, teacher

“It [technology] encourages me to do more. I just stay organized, and all my work is right there, which helps me to be more connected to my teachers, my classroom, and the material I am learning.”  Will Duncan, student

“Through the Connected Learning program I have been able to provide my seventh grade history students with enhanced experiences in American history. My students are investigating the how and the why of history.”  Alison Wilbur, teacher
“We have the opportunity to provide more real-time feedback to our students based on what they show as far as mastery of content.”  Paul Montaperto, middle school head


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