The high school Bible department seeks to unite with home and church by offering a program of study which supports and expands the discipleship efforts of both. Each course is designed to appeal to and speak to both the heart and mind, as true spiritual formation and transformation only take place when these two (heart and mind) merge in the classroom. The scope and sequence of Bible courses in grades nine through 12 is designed as such that it allows and encourages students to process biblical truth and principles as they cognitively and spiritually mature in their understanding of God’s Word. The end result is for students to acquire an insatiable love for scripture with a thorough knowledge and understanding of it, while equipping them for all of life’s challenges ahead, as well as motivating them to have a true love for God and his fellow-man.

REQUIREMENTS:  4 units required - including Old Testament, New Testament, and Apologetics

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  • Bible 101

    A year-long survey of the Bible, the course is designed to provide students with a foundational knowledge of scripture.
  • Introduction to Apologetics

    Taken during the junior year, this course will introduce the students to the very basics of a defense of Christianity.
  • New Testament Studies

    New Testament Studies is a course designed to introduce students to the person and work of Jesus Christ.
  • Old Testament Studies

    This freshmen level Bible course will explore the foundations of our Christian faith through the lens of the Old Testament.
  • Study of Romans

    This senior level Bible course is a conceptual, in-depth study of the book of Romans.

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