Mount Paran Christian School employees are the most enthusiastic, committed, and hardworking you will ever find. They are dedicated to providing academic excellence while committing to the school’s mission of preparing servant-leaders to honor God, love others, and walk in Truth.

Our employees are selected for their exemplary character, their professional expertise, and their willingness to go the “extra mile” to serve our children and families. MPCS is a wonderful place to work and has been recognized as “Best Places to Work” by the Atlanta Business Chronicle (multiple years), “Top Places to Work” by the Atlanta Journal Constitution, and "Best Christian School Places To Work In The United States."   

MPCS is always looking for the best employees who want to make a positive impact on the lives of others. If you are interested in applying for a permanent or substitute position, please contact our Director of Human Resources, Jodee Foster, or our Human Resources Specialist, Briana Phillips.

Faculty and Staff Directory

MPCS Administration

List of 30 members.

  • Dave Bennett 

    Director of Information Technology
    (770) 578-0182 ext.1008
  • Steve Bohlmann 

    Academic Dean / Director of Directed Studies
    (770) 578-0182 ext.3751
  • Cary Brague 

    Director of Arts
    (770) 578-0182 ext.3705
  • Shaunda Brooks 

    Chief Admission Officer
    (770) 578-0182 ext.2046
  • Shea Buehler 

    Director of Preschool/ Preschool
    (770) 578-0182 ext.1202
  • Pam Copeland 

    Administrative Assistant to Headmaster
    (770) 578-0182 ext.2052
  • Dr. Deborah Davis 

    Lower School Head
    (770) 578-0182 ext.2067
  • Jodee Foster 

    Director of Human Resources
    (770) 578-0182 ext.2047
  • Janet Fulbright 

    (770) 578-0182 ext.3503
  • Dana Gray 

    Lower School Counselor
    (770) 578-0182 ext.2044
  • Joel Hazard 

    Assistant Head of High School
    (770) 578-0182 ext.3010
  • Tiffany Hicks 

    High School Registrar
    (770) 578-0182 ext.3009
  • Dr. Trici Holmes 

    Director of College Counseling
    (770) 578-0182 ext.3120
  • Mitch Jordan 

    Athletic Director
    (770) 578-0182 ext.2095
  • Steve Kyle 

    Director of Christian Life
    (770) 578-0182 ext.3008
  • Karen Leonard 

    Academic Technology Specialist
    (770) 578-0182 ext.2277
  • Viola Lussier 

    Director of Guidance Counseling
    (770) 578-0182 ext.3012
  • Kathleen McCook 

    Managing Director
    (770) 578-0182 ext.3924
    Georgia State University - Bachelors
  • Donna Mccoy 

    Director of Eagle Adventure Zone
    (770) 578-0182 ext.1016
  • Paul Montaperto 

    Middle School Head
    (770) 578-0182 ext.2007
  • Jennifer New 

    Chief Development Officer
    (770) 578-0182 ext.2049
  • Kathleen Pratt 

    Lower School Counselor
    (770) 578-0182 ext.2044
  • Julie Ray 

    Chief Financial Officer
    (770) 578-0182 ext.2072
  • Mickie Roberts 

    Lower School/Middle School Registrar
    (770) 578-0182 ext.2050
  • Katy Rogers 

    Assistant Lower School Head
    (770) 578-0182 ext.2048
  • Tawanna Rusk 

    High School Head
    (770) 578-0182 ext.3014
  • John Sess 

    Director of Operations
    (770) 578-0182 ext.2136
  • Erica Watford 

    Middle School Counselor
    (770) 578-0182 ext.2012
  • Tiffany Westbrook 

    Director of Communications
    (770) 578-0182 ext.3700
  • Craig Wilson 

    Middle School Athletic Director / Sports Facility Director
    (770) 578-0182 ext.3516