MPCS is committed to becoming an environment diverse and inclusive in a way that reflects God’s Kingdom. Human and financial resources are allocated to assist in establishing leadership, driving professional development, and cultivating a Christ-centered environment both welcoming and nurturing.

The efforts to date include the following:
  • participation in race awareness workshops
  • increased hiring of diverse leadership and staff to guide school efforts
  • establishment of a taskforce to develop awareness, understanding, and action strategies
  • engaging a consultant research group to gather and analyze community data
  • collaborating with other schools
  • development of culturally relevant field trips
  • investment of taskforce time in researching purpose-driven literature and films
  • raising student awareness of the international student experience in our culture

CommUNITY Task Force Goals
The CommUNITY Task Force (CTF) consists of MPCS faculty and staff members who represent the various disciplines and divisions in the school community led by Mr. Joel Hazard, Director of Diversity and Student Development. CTF has developed a multiphase plan focused on ensuring our school community is united as it seeks to represent the Body of Christ. The multiphase plan involves:
  • collecting data from the MPCS community to identify opportunities to strengthen cultural unity
  • evaluating institutional practices, policies, curriculum, and traditions to ensure they are welcoming and inclusive with no unintentional bias
  • identifying and implementing ongoing training to equip faculty, staff, and other constituencies
  • formulating messages which value cultural differences


Our Diversity Initiatives

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  • 2018 Diversity Roundtable

    MPCS partnered with Prestonwood Academy and Grace Community School - both in Texas - to co-host a national Diversity Roundtable workshop for Christian schools across the country.
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  • Center for Civil and Human Rights

    This spring the Center for Civil and Human Rights hosted a workshop by Teaching Tolerance - "Confronting Implicit Bias: Facilitating Difficult Conversations in the Classroom."
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  • "Students With King" field trip

    Our U.S. history students attended the annual “Student’s With King” fieldtrip at the Martin Luther King Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change in Atlanta.  It was a powerful morning filled with tours of Ebenezer Baptist Street Church and MLK’s childhood home. The event included a question and answer session with a panel of Civil Rights leaders and family members. Students received a blessing of lessons discovering King’s philosophy of nonviolence and the importance of “Agape Love,” or the love of God operating in the human heart, used as a weapon against evil and injustice. 
  • National Art Honor Society

    As part of our school’s participation in National Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15-October 15), MPCS art students spent many hours studying and emulating Hispanic artists Frida Kahlo, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Cundo Bermudez, Tarsilla do Amaral, and others.
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  • Curriculum Connections

    In order for our students to thrive in a multicultural world they must learn, understand, and come to appreciate the impact of culture itself. As a school we are dedicated to building a more multicultural curriculum that prepares our students for global citizenship and helps them to understand the significant historical experiences and basic cultural patterns of different ethnic groups. Our curriculum looks to address contemporary issues and the social problems confronting them, while also exploring the experience and personal lives of the different individuals and/or groups these issues and problems effect. 
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  • International Fair

    This is a night our community comes together and celebrates the cultural diversity amongst the families of MPCS and our community. The fair includes an average of 20 family-hosted booths representing various countries with samples of unique foods, crafts, dances, music, and traditions. Students have the opportunity to travel with a passport through the countries represented among the exhibits. In addition, many of our grade levels perform cultural songs and dances that reflect the rich diversity that make up our school community.
  • Professional Development

    Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) classes are offered for our teachers Wednesday mornings during professional development time. These classes help our teachers understand our students through a social and emotional lens. SEL has proven to positively impact academic achievement, lower discipline, and provides students with the vital skills to socially and emotional function inside and outside the classroom. This workshop aims to instruct teachers on how to incorporate SEL into their classrooms and provides helpful strategies and tips when addressing the topics of bullying, race, International students, academic pressures, and the socioeconomic challenges of our students.      
  • International Students

    Mount Paran Christian School welcomes a limited number of international students each year who are interested in joining the MPCS community, culminating in graduation.
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As a Christian institution with a Christ-centered mission, Mount Paran Christian School believes it is our biblical obligation to lead our students in modeling all that Jesus has commanded. When asked about the greatest of the commandments, Jesus states in Mark 12:30-31: “‘And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind, and with all your strength.’ The second is this, ‘you shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no other commandment greater than these.”  

CTF members

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