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Senior Portraits and Yearbook Dedications

Senior Portraits and Yearbook Dedications
Senior Portraits and Yearbook Dedications
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Senior Portraits and Yearbook Dedications


Congratulations on the successful completion of your junior year! Your upcoming senior year will encompass many exciting, once-in-a-lifetime events.

One of the first senior activities you will engage in is getting your senior portraits made during the summer. Seniors will have two opportunities in the yearbook: formal portraits and yearbook dedications. Please see below for information pertaining to each of these.

Formal Portraits: 

TCPICS is our official contracted photographer. Seniors are required to contact TCPICS to schedule a sitting for their formal portrait. Register online or call for an appointment. All formal portraits MUST come from TCPICS. Please have your formal portrait taken no later than August 31, 2024. You will need to select the image(s) you intend to place in the yearbook at the time of your photo session. Please visit the TCPICS website to schedule an appointment (770-666-1197).

TCPics Online

Guidelines for TCPics Formal Portraits

The rising class of 2025 can begin scheduling summer photo sessions with TCPics. Pictures must be scheduled and taken by August 31. Contact Mr. Richard Searle at with any questions.

Casual Portraits:  Families may wish to have casual portraits taken for the senior yearbook dedications (see below). As an option, TCPICS offers casual sittings also. A specific photographer is not required.

Yearbook Dedications:  

Senior dedications are full or half pages in the yearbook where families may leave a personal message and/or scripture for graduating seniors, along with 3 to 10 images. These dedications are completed by families directly online through the Herff Jones website,, beginning June 1, 2024.

Yearbook Dedication Order Website

Enter 2365 for the Mount Paran Christian School code, and then click on "Buy a Yearbook Ad" to get started. Please have your senior’s yearbook dedication completed and submitted directly to Herff Jones by October 4, 2024.

**Due to production deadlines, we cannot accept any ads after October 4.** 


yearbook senior dedication page with images of a senior ad