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MPCS Uniform Dress Code for 2024-2025

MPCS Uniform Dress Code for 2024-2025
MPCS Uniform Dress Code for 2024-2025
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MPCS Uniform Dress Code for 2024-2025

The MPCS uniform guidlines have been updated with a new chart format for the upcoming school year. Uniform guidelines can always be found on the Eagles Nest page of the school website.

MPCS Uniform Guidelines 2024-2025

Mount Paran Christian School instills an organized classroom environment with the use of school uniforms. Our K-12 students are presentable, unified, and ready to learn without distractions every day. There is a direct relationship between dress, grooming, conduct, and success at school. All MPCS students are expected to dress in appropriate uniforms and groom themselves with the formality of school in mind.

MPCS DEPENDS ON PARENTS to work with the school in maintaining appearance standards by checking your child before he/she leaves for school to make sure he/she is dressed and groomed properly. It is understood that enrollment at MPCS means a pledge on the part of both parents and students to abide by this dress code. Please have your child(ren) read, understand, and agree to follow these dress code policies.


Minor Changes to Uniform Dress Code:

  • Length/Inseam: Skorts at-or below fingertip-length with respect to decency and subject to administrative approval. The skort should be visible under the outerwear. As before, shorts for middle and high school boys musts have a 7” inseam. Shorts and skorts may be purchased at the Eagles Nest.

  • Navy Bottoms: Navy skorts, shorts, and pants will be removed from uniform program for the following year 2025-2026. All are still acceptable to wear through 2024-2025 school year. 

  • Chapel Wear: Lower school chapel wear for grade 5 will be the same as other lower grades (no ties or oxford shirts). Next year, MPCS will transition to a new blue/black/white uniform plaid for girls chapel wear! 

  • Navy and plaid jumpers: Lower school jumpers in navy and the current plaid can be worn for one more year. MPCS will be changing the plaid jumper for chapel wear the following school year. 

  • Outerwear: Middle school will add an additional school color to include white crewnecks or ¼ zips with pocket-area logo as an added perk. Lower school and high school requirements remain the same.

  • Footwear: Shoes must have closed toe and heel. No crocs will be permitted. 


Remember, all NEW uniform apparel (except pants/shorts) must be purchased through the Eagles Nest. Required items will be sold exclusively at the Eagles Nest Summer Uniform Shop beginning July 8 in the Murray Innovation Center, Graham Commons. Shorts and pants in traditional khaki color may be purchased from any official school uniform provider (shorts/skorts available at the Eagles Nest). Used items are offered at the MPCS Uniform Consignment Sale in May.