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MPCS Introduces "WinAtSocial"

MPCS Introduces "WinAtSocial"
MPCS Introduces "WinAtSocial"
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MPCS Introduces "WinAtSocial"

MPCS has partnered with The Social Institute (TSI), a national leader in curriculum designed to equip students to navigate the complex intersection of well-being, social media, and technology, to launch #WinAtSocial. This comprehensive program promotes character, empathy, teamwork, and other important life skills.

This curriculum is now underway in high school during advisory on Mondays and in middle school during Crew (advisory) on Fridays in small groups. Many of the #WinAtSocial lessons include biblical principles, and instruction will take place through a biblical worldview lens.

At a time when students spend many hours a day on digital devices, and cyberbullying and reputation-damaging posts run rampant, TSI equips students to make positive, healthy, and biblically-based choices. Whether or not your child uses social media or a device of their own, we hope that you will consider how these free resources could be useful to your family.* We are excited to be able to offer this important and timely education to our community!

Supplementary Resources*


*You will need the school code that was emailed to you to login to these free resources.