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Congratulations MPCS Class of 2024!

Congratulations MPCS Class of 2024!
Congratulations MPCS Class of 2024!
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Congratulations MPCS Class of 2024!

MPCS congratulates the class of 2024 and all of their accomplishments. 

The class of 2024 comprises 114 students accepted into some of the nation’s finest colleges, and universities. Students have received acceptance into 108 colleges and universities of which 22 are in-state and 86 are out-of-state. Out of the 108 acceptances, 67 are public schools and 41 are private schools. Out of the 41 private schools, 20 are Christian colleges.

The class of 2024 final choice college submissions indicate that 48 students have chosen in-state schools as final college choices and 66 students have chosen out-of-state schools representing the following states: (Alabama, Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia). 

From the class, 17 students have chosen to attend Christian colleges as final choices: (Baylor University, Belmont University, Berry College, Boston College, Campbell University, High Point University, Lee University, Liberty University, Samford University, and Southern Methodist University).


The top five colleges that will be attended by the class of 2024 students are: 

1. University of Georgia — 14 students to attend

     (28 admits; 58% acceptance rate)

2. University of Alabama — 11 students to attend

3. Kennesaw State University — 8 students to attend

4. Auburn University and Georgia College and State University — each has 7 students to attend.

5. Georgia Institute of Technology –  6 students to attend. (7 admits; 50% acceptance rate)


Some of the highly-selective school acceptances are: Boston College, Clemson, Furman University, Georgia Tech, Northeastern University, Pepperdine University, Pratt Institute , Purdue, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, SMU, Spelman, TCU, Ohio State, University of Georgia, University of Miami, Michigan, University of Richmond, Virginia Tech, Wake Forest, and Wheaton College.

Lastly, out of all scholarship funds reported from the class of 2024, two students were selected as National Merit Scholar finalists; 65 students will receive Merit-Based academic achievement scholarships, 1 Arts scholarship; and 19 students will receive athletic scholarships all of which total more than 8.8 million dollars of combined merit-based, performing/visual arts, and athletic scholarship monies. This does not include an estimated 3.4 million dollars of HOPE/Zell Miller scholarship funding that totals for the class of 2024 an estimated 12.2 million dollars of scholarship offerings!


CLICK HERE to check out the graduating class ad feature in the Marietta Daily Journal. Congratulations class of 2024 for your amazing accomplishments!