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CommUNITY Celebrates World Languages

CommUNITY Celebrates World Languages
CommUNITY Celebrates World Languages
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CommUNITY Celebrates World Languages

This month, MPCS is celebrating world languages showcasing many of our families and their international culture. Our commUNITY serves a great and faithful God who wove each of us, our cultures and our ancestries, into a beautiful tapestry from countries around the world in unification and glory for Him. We recognize the beauty He sees in us as we join each other in commUNITY. 

Even though the words may sound different in different regions of the world, our hearts are joined in knowing that "God is faithful." 
South African: "Ons God is getrou"
Egyptian: الهنا امين  "Elahena ameen"
Spanish: "Nuestro Dios es fiel"
Portugese (Brazil): "Nosso Deus é fiel"
French (Haiti): "notre Dieu est fidèle"
Creole (Haiti): "Bondye nou an fidèl"
Vietnamese: "chúa chúng ta trung thành"
Urdu (Pakistan): "Humara khuda wafahdar hai"
Tagalog (Phillipines): "Ang ating diyos ay tapat"
IIocano (Phillipines): "Napudno ni Apo Dios"
Arabic (Syria): "Iilahuna 'amin"
Malyalum (India): devum vishwasthan (vish-was-thun)
Hindi (India): "parameswhar vishwasayogi hai"
Mandarin Chinese (Taiwan): "Shangdi shi shouxin"
German: "Gott ist treu"
Romanian: "Dumnezeul nostru este credincios!"
Ukrainian: "Наш Бог вірний"
Russian: "Наш Бог верен"
Italian: "Dio e sempre fedele" 


Click to play the slideshow to see some of our MPCS families who speak other languages!