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Book Buy-Backs

Book Buy-Backs
Book Buy-Backs
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Book Buy-Backs

Starting May 13, families may opt to sell middle and high school hard-copy books/textbooks and rentals back to the eCampus bookstore during the buy-back timeframe, which runs through June 13. All rentals are due back by May 30.

Ship for free during this time frame for premium buy-back pricing or sell back year-round. Find out how much your books are worth on the eCampus website and choose from four different payment options including credits which can be applied to future orders. Use the instructions below to sell back your books. Contact eCampus at 844-523-8980 or email with any questions. Click below to get started:

eCampus Book Buy-Backs

Remember, you won't have to purchase your NEW books for the 2024-2025 school year until late-July after your child's schedules have been posted. You will receive an email to alert you that it's time to purchase books to be shipped to you in time for the first week of school.


eCampus Buy-Back FAQs

How to Return Books

How to Return Rentals