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2023 AP Scholars Reach Exceptional Pass Rate

2023 AP Scholars Reach Exceptional Pass Rate
2023 AP Scholars Reach Exceptional Pass Rate
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2023 AP Scholars Reach Exceptional Pass Rate

Congratulations to the 81 MPCS students and recent graduates who have earned Advanced Placement Scholar Awards for 2023, in recognition of their exceptional achievement on AP Exams. 

The College Board's Advanced Placement Program provides motivated and academically-prepared students with the opportunity to take rigorous college-level courses while still in high school and to earn college credit, advanced placement, or both, for successful performance on the AP Exams taken in May. Traditionally, about 20 percent of approximately two million students worldwide who take AP Exams perform at a sufficiently high level to earn an AP Scholar Award.

There were 183 MPCS students who took 403 AP exams, the greatest number of exams administered in the last five years. The total percentage of AP students with scores of 3 or higher is 87 percent! Notably, seven subjects at MPCS had 100 percent pass rates: 2D Art, Drawing, Calculus B/C, Microeconomics, Physics I, Physics II, and Spanish Language! Six additional subjects had a 90 percent pass rate or greater.

And, two students received perfect scores on their AP exam in Drawing! Congratulations to C. Finch and C. Parada, 2 of only 308 students nationwide to earn a perfect score.  These students received the top score of 5 and were among an elite group of students in the world to earn every point possible on an AP Exam, receiving the maximum score on each portion of the exam.

C Parada and C Finch pose in front of their AP artwork


AP Scholar with Distinction

AP Scholar with Honor

AP Scholar
L. Berryhill
C. Bethel
E. Bethel
J. Broggi
L. Burton
J. Butcher
C. Butryn
M. Carroll
O. Causby
M. Cox
A. Elliott
G. Ferary
J. Ferary
C. Finch
W. Garrett
Z. Geiger
S. Haygood
A. Hrinsin
J. Jones
R. Jordan
S. McCune
L. Meier
W. Osterling
N. Oswald
D. Parada
A. Schwab
J. Stephens
A. Strickland
C. Surgala
J. Tucker
R. Van De Vate
E. Wearing
M. Westbrook
I. Abbott
L. Bohannon
M. Buckley
N. Burnett
P. Everett
P. Farley
C. Galbreath
A. Gatcha
A. Gilmore
P. Kilgo
L. Moll
S. Morgan
E. Osterland
J. Ryu
S. Schwartz
L. Weaver
A. Akopov
T. Babcock
E. Brady
K. Breckley
J. Butryn
A. Carisma
G. Childs
W. Cottingham
J. Emoghene
J. Hanson
C. Hofmann
A. Holland
J. Hollis
R. Hutchins
M. Jones
S. Klewein
E. Konnick
C. Lake
E. Lambert
E. Mahon
K. Moran
B. Moultrie
C. Parada
D. Santana
A. Singleton
A. Stubbs
B. Terry
L. Thigpen
A. Touma
A. West
J. Westerhouse
Chart with criteria for AP scholar designations