Oct 3, 2019

ParentEd. 2019-2020

ParentEd. 2019-2020


As part of our school mission to partner with home, MPCS is proud to offer opportunities throughout the year to guide parents through the challenges of raising children. We are pleased to announce the general schedule for this year’s “Ted”-style talks. All MPCS parents, neighbors, and friends in the community are always invited to attend! Save these dates:


P.E.P. Talks for Lower, Middle, and High School: Various dates September 10-23 — Steve Kyle, Director of Christian Life, THANK YOU to all who attended! 


How to Overcome the Pressures of the Teenage Years: Helping Hurting and Stressed Teens
October 30: 9:00-10:30 a.m., Weber Collaboratory,
Julie Davies, Counselor/Speaker, The Caring Center

If you are a parent, youth pastor, or adult trying to help a hurting or stressed out teenager, you are not alone. Depression, anxiety, bullying, perfectionism, and other pressures are epidemic among teens and college students in this generation. Jesus has great compassion for hurting teens and for parents that feel scared and helpless watching their teens suffering with overwhelming pressure.  This free seminar will help parents know how to recognize when their child is believing any negative thoughts or lies from the enemy, how to replace lies with the truth of God’s Word, and what to do to help. Counselor Julie Davis will answer questions and connect concerned parents and adults with practical resources that can help bring healing and hope to their hurting or stressed-out teenager.


Don’t Worry, Here’s What You Need to Know About College Admissions
November 18: 6:30-8:00 p.m., Weber Collaboratory
Rick Clark, Director of Admissions, Georgia Institute of Technology


Parenting in a Tech World
March: To be announced
Randi Terry, Academic Technology Specialist, and Tina Baker, Lower School Directed Studies and STEAM


OCTOBER 14-18: ERB Testing

Testing for grades 3-8

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