May 15, 2019

MPCS High School Wins Vocab Bowl

MPCS High School Wins Vocab Bowl

Mark another championship for MPCS high school students! Every single high school student is a valuable member of this team and contributed to our amazing success as a competitor in the North American Vocabulary Bowl. The English department adopted for engaging, challenging, and customizable online vocabulary instruction. We also joined the Vocabulary Bowl becoming part of 1,378,387 students from more than 39,000 schools across the United States and Canada in this academic competition. MPCS high school students hit the ground running. Bowl season ran from October 1-April 30, and our kids ranked in the Top Ten in ALL Georgia high school divisions for six of the seven months. Students from grades 9-12 dedicated weekly time to practice assigned lists and take quizzes showing mastery of 26,905 words! This amazing academic feat ranks us as #5 in ALL Georgia high schools and #1 in our Division III of Georgia high schools. The Eagles keep soaring!

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Morning Devotion 5/15/20 by Mr. Kyle

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