Sep 21, 2021

Middle School Introduces House System


Earlier this month, the middle school launched its new school House System. Over the last four years, middle school leadership has researched the "house system" idea, visiting other schools and collecting information about how it might elevate the culture and community of the middle school. Last year, the idea was piloted by mixing students into groups across the middle school and enjoying friendly competitions throughout the school year.

This school year, efforts have been formalized, building our own official MPCS middle school House System that supports the mission and vision of our school. All 300 middle school students and 30 middle school faculty were divided equally into five different houses based on scripture: Phileo, Chara, Aequitas, Gratia, and Veritas. Each house is led by two house deans (teachers) and two student leaders and contains a chaplain and spirit chairperson.

Middle School Introduces House System




  • Meaning: Love
  • Color: Ruby (passion, confidence, determination, and adventure)
  • Scripture: John 15:13
  • Representation: Heart, rose, sprig of leaf, crown, and cross


  • Meaning: Joy
  • Color: Emerald (love, compassion, and abundance)
  • Scripture: Psalm 5:11
  • Representation: Sun, stars, and cross


  • Meaning: Grace
  • Color: Amber (warmth, wellbeing, and nurturing)
  • Scripture: Ephesians 2:8-9
  • Representation: Lion, lamb, and leather strapping


  • Meaning: Truth
  • Color: Sapphire (mental focus and order, wisdom, and insight)
  • Scripture: Psalm 25:5
  • Representation: Tree of life, roots, Bible, and vines


  • Meaning: Justice
  • Color: Onyx (focus, discipline, and self-mastery)
  • Scripture: Psalm 106:3
  • Representation: Scales of justice, greenery, and crossed swords

Every Wednesday, the students will proudly wear their house T-shirts and engage in House Block, a 30-minute period set aside for house competitions, house meetings, and whole school assemblies. Each house will earn points for a multitude of reasons, including performance of in-house competitions, as well as the consistent demonstration of Christian character, service, and pride for their house. Houses will earn rewards for their achievements with one house earning the ultimate prize — House Champion — at the end of the year.

The successful launch of the House System this year is the result of a great body of work and strong commitment to create a middle school experience that is defined by “an innovative culture of academics, faith, family, and fun.” Adding this program to our middle school this year, alongside other programs, such as FUSION retreat, advisement, Eagle Ambassadors, and recess, will provide even greater support to nurturing the whole student. All of our students will be able to leverage the opportunity to create new friendships, develop skills through teamwork, and embrace various leadership opportunities.


May 20 - Men of Mount Paran

7:00-8:00 a.m., Murray Arts Center, Choral Rehearsal Room

May 20 - Men of Mount Paran

7:00-8:00 a.m., Murray Arts Center, Choral Rehearsal Room

May 20 - Moms in Prayer

8:00-9:00 a.m., Murray Arts Center, Murray Foundation Board Room (Third Floor)

May 20 - Moms in Prayer

8:00-9:00 a.m., Murray Arts Center, Murray Foundation Board Room (Third Floor)

May 20 - Senior Parade, 12:15 p.m.

May 21 - Commencement

May 22 - New Family Cookout and MPCS Uniform Consignment Sale (incoming families only)

May 23 - MPCS Uniform Consignment Sale

May 23 - PreK4 Graduation, 11:00 a.m.

May 24 - Eighth Grade Blessing

May 25 - No Late Start

May 25 - Last Day of Preschool/TK

May 26 - Fifth Grade Walk

May 26 - Last Day of School, Early Release

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