Aug 19, 2019

Introducing PlusPortals!

Introducing PlusPortals!
PlusPortals Step-by-Step Guide

MPCS is excited to launch the new online Student and Parent PlusPortals! Parents in grades 3-12 should have received an e-mail with instructions on how to set up your personal login as a parent (different than the student login information you recieved a few weeks ago). Once your credentials are entered, it's easy to sign in via the homepage of the main MPCS website.

Follow these steps to view student's schedules, progress, and grade reports:


1. Toggle the Sign In Menu

Locate and click the "Sign In" link at the top right corner of the school website at

PP Homepage.jpg


PlusPortals Sign In Image
2. Sign In as Parent or a Student

Use your newly established user name (e-mail) and password to sign in to the Parent/Student PlusPortals. 

Parents may sign in as their student, or with their parent e-mail and password to view MULTIPLE students within the portal.

Students may sign in here with their own MPCS student e-mail and device password to check their progress.

3. Select the Division Level for Each Student

If you have mulitple children, you will be given the option to view their portal by level.

4. View the Course List

The first screen shows you a list of your student's courses and overall progress grades so far. You can click on the class to drill down, or on the grades directly. You can also review all courses by clicking on the "progress" tab. 

5. Drill Down Into Courses and Progress

Once you select the course by clicking either the course name or the  "classroom" tab, you can view assignments and assessment results as well as toggle between courses.

6. View Full Schedule and Changing Roles

You can click "school" to view the student schedule in block format. 

To view another student's progress, click your user name in the upper right corner pull-down menu, and select "Change Roll."

Parents may also access both the STAFF and PARENT directories within the password-protected online portal under the "Directory" tab.

E-mails or messages sent by teachers will also route to the student's MPCS e-email address in Outlook in addition to the PlusPortal. Please note that teachers will not use the e-locker or calendar options within PlusPortals since assignments are given through Google Classroom.

Please note that grades PK3-2nd will receive progress and report cards via teachers or through the mail. 

For full tutorials on how to use PlusPortals, just click the "Help" button in the upper right corner of the portal window. 


7. Download the App

Parents may download the mobile app called "ParentPlus" by Rediker in the app store and sign in to view schedules and grades. CLICK HERE to find it in the app store.

The "StudentPlus" app is also available for student access. 



No School September 30 and October 1

SEPTEMBER 26-27: Parent-Teacher Conferences

No School for Grades PK-8
High School Classes in Session

OCTOBER 3: Parent Learning Walk

8:15 a.m. to see what's happening in lower school classrooms.

OCTOBER 14-18: ERB Testing

Testing for grades 3-8

SEPTEMBER 23-25: Book Fair

Myrick Media Center

OCTOBER 12: Homecoming Dance

Details coming soon

OCTOBER 11: Homecoming

Parade, Eaglefest, MPC Football vs. Whitfield, Blue & Black Bash "Black-out" and Alumni Dinner

OCTOBER 7-11: Spirit Week

Homecoming Spirit Week

SEPTEMBER 20: Middle School Parent Coffee

Parents are invited for coffee and conversation at 8:00 a.m. with Mr. Montaperto in the dining hall to connect and discuss various topics about middle school.

SEPTEMBER 20: Student Forum

Middle school student forum convention where students run for "office" for their class and "lobby" for their candidate.

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