Oct 12, 2020

Introducing the New MPCS Network

Introducing the New MPCS Network


Have you ever been in need of a home service and wanted to know who within the Mount Paran Christian School community you could hire? Have you wanted to promote your business but did not know how to connect with MPCS families? You've been asking, so we are delivering with the introduction of the new MPCS Network!

This trusted network provides you with a digital platform designed to connect businesses with families and families with businesses, as well as professional industry contacts. Taking it one step further than LinkedIn, you will now have the power to connect personally and professionally with everyone in our MPCS community. This platform is designed to serve businesses as well as our alumni community. Read below to get a brief idea of what this platform can do for you! And, yes, you can download our app. Learn about the key features of the network:

  • FEED (NEWS): This is the landing page each time you sign onto the network. From this page, you will be able to read and interact with content that is most relevant to you. It is here that you will find the most recent updates on businesses as well as alumni news and life stories. This is also the place to give solicited input and to be a part of conversations related to being an alumnus of MPCS. In addition, you will find widgets on this page that connect you to all MPCS social media.
  • DIRECTORY: Through the directory, you can find people and the contact information of anyone affiliatd with our MPCS community. Please set up your professional profile upon registration in order for you to make full use of the platform.
  • COMMUNITY BUSINESS DIRECTORY: This is the place to meet specific shopping needs, while also supporting the MPCS community. You can post your business in this directory or seek services from those businesses owned/operated by the MPCS community.
  • MENTORING HUB: Whether you are seeking to be a mentor to a mentee, use the mentoring hub to be a part of the all-important networking piece of the platform. It is here where you can find career guidance, as well as industry connections and job recommendations.
  • JOBS: Access the jobs feature to either seek job opportunities (job board) or offer job opportunities for others. You will be able to see the companies/businesses of registered users in the MPCS network who may have specific employment needs at any particular time. This is also the place to learn of current internships being offered by employers within the MPCS community.
  • PHOTOS: This is your place to see photos and photo albums reliving past and current alumni events as well as important school news.
  • GROUPS: Groups is the place where you can connect with alumni who have related interests and shared experiences. Whether it be athletics, clubs, mission trips, arts industry or something else, you can connect with others who share similar interests in your own exclusive space.
  • EVENTS: The events page will keep you informed of relevant school-related networking events, particularly alumni-related events that occur throughout the school year. It is here that you will also sign up for special events that require registration.
  • COMMUNICATIONS: Regularly receive the alumni newsletter and other relevant communications via email.
  • RESOURCES: The resources option allows administrators and users to post relevant resources, in the form of files, for others to see and use. 


For step-by-step instructions of how to setup your profile on the MPCS Network, click here.

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Virtual Learners: If you have technical difficulties with your device, please submit a request to the EagleTech IT helpdesk at at the contact e-mail below. EagleTech is on standby by phone/email/in-person to provide support to all students and staff!

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6:00 p.m. and 7:15 p.m. (Parents Only)

December 4-5, 11-12 - Elf Jr.

Middle School Musical, Online Performances
Friday, December 4 at 7:00 p.m.
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