Mar 10, 2023

Executive Council Spotlight: Catina Taliaferro

Executive Council Spotlight: Catina Taliaferro


The MPCS Executive Council is the key leadership team who helps make the day-to-day decisions in support of fulfilling the MPCS mission. We encourage you to learn more about each member as we feature the various departments weekly.

Title: Director of Diversity and Belonging

Education: B.S. in Business Administration, Minor in Business Administration, Hampton University

Number of years in my profession: 3

Fun fact: I love the beach and spending time with my family. If I can be at the beach with my family, that is my favorite! I love Samford and Bama football and cheer !

What I'm reading now or favorite book: The Bible

Connections to MPCS: Both of my children were "lifers" at MPCS. My son, Emmett, graduated in 2017. He played football and received his Bachelors in Healthcare Administration and minor in Infomatics at Samford University and is currently in his last year at University of Georgia for his Masters in Healthcare Administration. My daughter, Tiana, is class of 2020. She currently cheers at the University of Alabama and is a junior majoring in Education. She is also the school's first girls National Champion at MPCS!

What I love most about MPCS: I LOVE MPCS! The teachers, faculty, staff, and families have poured into our family for over 20-plus years. I am so thankful for every experience and opportunity that has been given to us. As a result , my heart's desire is to serve, love, and mentor others well. Every day, we all have an opportunity to glorify the Lord in all we do — out loud and in person. What a glorious blessing!

What I love about my role at the school: Diversity and Belonging — celebrating differences and committing ourselves to locating the "we" between "you and me" — is the beginning and end of what we do as Christians. At our best, all our efforts point to and glorify the unity, fellowship, and love perfected in our heavenly Father!

My hope for MPCS: My desire is to make sure each child, staff member, and family feels seen, loved, and valued here at MPCS.


July 3-7 - MPCS Offices Closed

July 10 - Eagles Nest Summer Uniform Store Opens

Mulkey Hall, Weber Collaboratory

July 10 - Eagles Nest Summer Uniform Store Opens

Mulkey Hall, Weber Collaboratory

August 4 - K-Day, Lower School 101, Middle School 101, High School 101

August 7 - Back-2-School Night (All Eagle Families)

August 9 - First Day of School, NO Late-Start

August 11 - High School Social, 5:00 p.m.

August 15 - High School Parent Orientation, 6:00 p.m.

August 17 - Middle School Parent Orientation, 6:00 p.m.

August 18 - Middle School Spiritual Emphasis Day and House Reveal

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