Nov 15, 2021

Eagle Robotics 2021 State Title Ring Ceremony

Eagle Robotics 2021 State Title Ring Ceremony


While the new season of Eagle Robotics competition is underway, the brain power behind the 2020-2021 State championship team was duly rewarded on Monday with the customary MPCS ring ceremony. We congratulate Eagle Robotics on a stellar 2020-2021 season and wish them the best as they move forward in Etowah League competition for 2021-2022.

Having just competed in Meets 2 and 3 of the current season, Team 11364 Diamond Plate (C. Graham, N. Burnett, J. Hanson, J. Stephens, and A. Gilmore) had a strong showing and advanced in the rankings to third place overall, with twelve wins and four losses. 

Team 7373 Carbon Fiber (C. Bethel, S. Haygood, J. Empie, S. Baker, T. Idowu, G. Terry, and A. Hanson) also forged ahead in league play, finishing the day with a record of 15-1 and holding tight to the second rank in the league.

Each high school team participated in ten total matches. Scores from those matches form the ranking for the regular season that is carried over into the league tournament.

Team 11364 Diamond Plate had a solid outing as they employed a new arm and intake system to engage more game tasks and tally higher scores.  New autonomous features and savvy driving by the drive team allowed the team to end the day advancing in the rankings.

Amid some mechanical and field element difficulties, Team 7373 Carbon Fiber's competitive field play set the stage for a high league ranking. Congratulations for a robust improvement in autonomous.

The Eagles now look forward to Meet 4 on December 4.


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