Oct 30, 2020

How to Create a Business Profile on the MPCS Network

How to Create a Business Profile on the MPCS Network


MPCS Business Profile Setup

Setting up your MPCS Business Directory profile is quick and easy using the intuitive MPCS Network. Once you have created your personal profile, just follow these simple steps.

  1. Log in to the MPCS Network at https://mpcsnetwork.com. From the main feed page, choose the “Business Directory” option on the left-side navigation bar.


  1. From the “Business Directory” home page, click the blue “Start Posting” button on the right-side navigation box that asks “Do you have a business you would like to promote?”


  1. Enter your business contact information. You will be prompted to include your business name, business category, and contact information. You may also include a header that will display above your company description. If you so choose, you may offer a special promotion to the MPCS community.


  1. To add a company logo, click on the small camera icon under “Logo”. 


When choosing your company logo, square images work best and must not exceed 10GB. When your logo image is cropped to your liking, select the blue “Apply” button.


Your logo is now loaded to your business profile.


  1. You may choose to add your own cover image or choose a generic image. If you add your own image, files may not exceed 10GB. Once your file is selected and cropped, select the blue “Apply” button.



  1. Your account is now ready to post. Double-check your information, then click the blue “Post Business” button at the bottom of the page.


  1. Your business profile is now ready!



  1. You can view your business profile page. If you wish to make edits to your profile, simply choose the small pencil icon on the right side of the page, above your business contact information.


  1. After making any edits, again select the blue “Post Business” button at the bottom of the page.


Your page will now update with your new information or images.

  1. Your business now also displays in the main feed on the business page.



  1. When searching by category, your business will also appear under the category heading you selected when creating your business profile.

You may also wish to consider the Jobs board and Mentoring features of the MPCS Network as a way to grow and connect your business. 

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