Apr 10, 2019

Congratulations Governors Honors Participants

Congratulations Governors Honors Participants

Congratulations to MPCS students Anton Oswald (Junior) and Isabelle Garafolo (Sophomore) for being recognized by the Georgia Governors Honors Program (GHP) Office of Student Achievement in the arts and academics. Anton was named as a GHP participant in the area of Social Studies and Isabelle was named as a GHP participant in the area of Visual Arts. GHP participants represent the top quartile of the top percentile of eligible students for consideration; in other words, for every 400 eligible students, only ONE is selected! This considered, Anton and Isabelle were selected out of a total 800 eligible students.

By being named as 2018 GHP participants, Anton and Isabelle will live on the campus of Berry College for four weeks with approximately 650 other high achieving students from across the state to study in their subject area, interact with the very highest achieving students in their peer group, and get a preview of what college life is like. Students will study six days per week in their major area and five days per week in a minor area that they declare once on campus. Participation is free for all students, completely funded by the Georgia Legislature.

The Georgia Governors Honors Program has a rich and meaningful history; it was established in 1964, is the longest-running and largest program of its kind in the nation, and is the only program in the country that is completely funded by the state legislature at no cost to participants. Past Georgia GHP participants are an Oscar Award winner (Holly Hunter - Oscar for “The Piano"), TV stars (Wayne Knight - Newman on “Seinfeld"), politicians, and many successful physicians, entrepreneurs, and the like. To be accepted as a GHP participant is significant. MPCS is proud to have two more students selected for GHP participation this year in social studies and visual arts.


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