Sep 14, 2020

Announcing EagleTech

Announcing EagleTech


EagleTech is the new home for Information Technology services at MPCS.  Formerly known as “IT,” which describes a decades-old mindset, the new EagleTech name reflects today's vastly different technology. As we live in increasingly complex times, it is imperative to our mission that we be able to scale quickly and adapt to a dynamic array of tools for today's engaged learners.

The EagleTech name change reflects our intention to be more fluid and nimble in order to provide our MPCS students the finest in technology-enriched curriculum. In order to improve our communications channel, we recently incorporated a new direct dial contact number at (678) 504-7020, allowing EagleTech staff to be at-the-ready for the needs of our remote learners. 

EagleTech is responsible for the entire digital infrastructure of switches, servers, network wireless portals, and all device maintenance on the MPCS campus.  Areas EagleTech oversees include the following:

  • Device maintenance and security for all MPCS users (students, faculty, and staff);
  • Authentication (password) issuing, resetting, changing, and access permissions;
  • Software maintenance and purchase of all school-related platforms;
  • In-classroom assistance for device connection and operations;
  • Overall database management for the entire school’s databases of information;
  • Software distribution and allocation by student group segments;
  • Secure internet access for our entire community; and
  • Intrusion and privacy protection for school data.

During the quarantine this past spring, EagleTech was able to quickly adapt and replicated necessary business services offsite, supporting the entire MPCS community during Virtual Learning. We learned a lot from that experience and are in continual modes of improvement, even with our remote learners this academic year. 

Dave Bennett, Director of Information Technology, said he is "grateful for our team of seasoned technology pros, who love the challenges of helping shape our culture with responsible use of technology to enrich our students' learning experiences."

EagleTech Support

Virtual Learners: If you have technical difficulties with your device, please submit a request to the EagleTech IT helpdesk at at the contact email below. EagleTech is on standby by phone/email/in-person to provide support to all students and staff!

Photograph of EagleTech Support Help Desk
EagleTech Support Help Desk
MPCS Technology Services


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