Every Wednesday our students, faculty, and staff gather for a time of worship and a message from God’s Word. Chapels are held for preschool, lower school, middle school, and high school – each with grade-level appropriate speakers, messages, and music. Speakers include members of our own staff, as well as guest pastors, missionaries, and Bible teachers. Music is provided by our own chapel band students, faculty, and guest musicians.
Parents are encouraged and welcome to be a part of any of our chapel services. The times and speakers are listed below. Our only request is you please sit in the balcony, as our students fill the main floor. Preschool parents are welcome to join us starting in September to get younger students accustomed to chapels and chapel etiquette. Chapels are held in the locations below unless a change is noted.
PRESCHOOL CHAPEL:  9:00-9:30 a.m. |  Sewell Cottage

LOWER SCHOOL CHAPEL:  9:00-9:30 a.m.  |  Murray Arts Center, Kristi Lynn Theatre

MIDDLE SCHOOL CHAPEL:  10:45-11:25 a.m. |  Murray Arts Center, Kristi Lynn Theatre

HIGH SCHOOL CHAPEL:  12:00 to 12:40 p.m. |  Murray Arts Center, Kristi Lynn Theatre


High School Retreat Worship


Remember, parents and guests may attend chapels on Wednesdays. See above for specific times. The schedule below is subject to change. 

MAC = Murray Arts Center        LS / MS / HS = Middle School      
CB = Chapel Band                    SE = Spiritual Emphasis Day

Date Location Speaker Music Speaker Music Speaker Music
1 NO CHAPEL            
8 MAC Deborah Davis Sarah Cole Steve Kyle MS Students Steve Kyle Chapel Band
15 MAC Lindy Jones Sydney Chambley David Doyle Chapel Band David Doyle Chapel Band
22 MAC Penny Harrison Sarah Cole Paul Montaperto Chapel Band Jason Beard Chapel Band
29 MAC Steve Kyle Sarah Cole Matt Russell Chapel Band Matt Russell Chapel Band
Date Location Speaker Music Speaker Music Speaker Music
5 MAC LLS/Pennies for Patients Sarah Cole   Chapel Band Preston Moore Chapel Band
12 MAC Sarah Cole Sarah Cole   Chapel Band Louise McKee Chapel Band
19 MAC Deborah Davis Sarah Cole Derek McCloud Chapel Band PromRED Chapel Band
26 MAC Preschool: "Love" Sarah Cole   MS Students   Chapel Band


Date Location Speaker Music Speaker Music Speaker Music
4 MAC Mark Lee Sarah Cole Mark Lee   Mark Lee Chapel Band
11 GYM Dana Gray/Kathleen Pratt Sarah Cole Patrick Campbell   Patrick Campbell Chapel Band
18 MAC Deborah Davis Sarah Cole No MS Chapel Chapel Band   Chapel Band
25 MAC K/1 Easter Program Sarah Cole     Choose Your Chapel Chapel Band

“Seeing Christianity in action through my interactions with the MPCS faculty was what really taught me how to walk in truth and carry out my purpose of expanding God’s kingdom, honoring God in my real life. As I was navigating my faith, my teachers supported and guided me, while praying for protection and blessings over my life constantly. Every day, I feel so blessed to have the foundational knowledge of the Bible that I have, because I know how to study and interpret the Bible on my own. Mount Paran also fully equipped me to be able to defend my faith to anyone at any time, while remaining kind and tolerant to others’ diverse beliefs.”

-B. Underwood '18

Preschool chapel singing

"Worship the LORD with joy;
come before him with happy songs!"

—Psalm 100:2

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Upcoming Events:

  • Night of Worship - March 26
  • High School Spiritual Emphasis - March 27
  • Family Serve Day - April 24

Worship Highlights:


Special time is set aside throughout the year for our students to focus on God and their relationship with Him. Middle school has a spiritual emphasis day each fall and spring. The day is held off campus to give students specific God-focused time. High school has a spiritual emphasis week each spring that helps to remind all of us that God is the priority. The day is always brought to a close with a time of prayer and reflection, where students and staff huddle together in small groups, pouring their hearts to God and each other. 

Middle School Spiritual Emphasis at NMC
Chapel Band

As part of curriculum, students in grades 8-12 may participate in Chapel Band. It is a tremendous opportunity for student singers and musicians to join together to lead worship with their peers in the middle and high school chapel services. There are auditions for this class, which meets in the LeFevre SoundLab recording studio as part of their curricular course load. 

MPCS Chapel Band High School Worship Band