At Mount Paran Christian School, we are committed and honored to be a part of the great commission, where Jesus instructs us to go and make disciples. We strive to invest in our students, teach them the truths of God's Word, and equip them to invest in and connect with others. This emphasis happens in and out of the classroom through service opportunities, groups, sports, and in the arts.

A huge advantage of being a PK3-grade 12 school are the countless opportunities for upperclassmen and adults to mentor younger students as mentioned below.



9/18/20 Student Devotion by Senior, M. Jordan


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Morning Devotions

Every day at school, students and staff are blessed by the morning devotion after announcements to begin with inspiration from God's Word. On Fridays, the school-wide morning devotion is presented by an MPCS student. Devotions are posted on our school Facebook page. 

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Bible Studies

Student Bible studies are also offered for students grades 4-12 outside of regular class times. Students are encouraged to attend their grade-level Bible study, led by staff and parents. These groups offer students a great opportunity to connect with their peers and grow deeper in their walk with Christ. Most groups meet every other Friday morning before school.

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Peer Mentoring Initiative (PMI)

In order to bring freshmen and new students into the fold of student life at MPCS, the Peer Mentoring Initiative (PMI) was instituted. Junior and senior leaders mentor small groups of freshmen before school begins and throughout the year. They serve to answer questions about high school and guide younger students through this transition.

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11:1 Effect

The 11:1 effect is a mentoring and discipleship program to provide the opportunity for high school students to be positive role models for the younger students at MPCS. More than 100 high school students come in early every Thursday to spend time investing in all the students in the Kindergarten through fifth grade classrooms. It is a special time as they share devotions, build relationships, and are examples of what it means to be a teenager who is pursuing God. 

Middle School prayer


Discipleship at MPCS

“It was during my MPCS years that I laid a strong foundation in my life as a Christ follower, friend, and life-long student. I remember sitting in my junior Bible class, and my teacher said, ‘There is a difference between knowing about God and knowing God Himself. In this class, you will learn a lot about God, but I want you to remember that the ultimate prize is not merely the information you’ll learn but the relationship you’ll discover.’ I think back to this moment often, and I am so grateful for both the truths I learned about God while at Mount Paran and the relationship I began with Him.”

-E. Sparks '11

Student Devotion — Eighth-Grader H. Pasanen 9/17/20

"Jesus told His disciples to go and make disciples."

— Matthew 28:19 ​​​

High school bible class
High School Retreat at MPCS

Discipleship Highlights:


The high school takes time Labor Day week to go off campus and spend some time focusing on what is most important — our relationship with God. In the fall, the high school staff and students travel to Sharptop Cove, a Young Life retreat facility in the North Georgia Mountains. During this three-day retreat, students strengthen their relationships with each other and have fun, as they pursue God together in a stress-free environment.


The team at RightNow Media offers content you might find helpful during the COVID-19 crisis. Our hope is not in money, health, jobs, or politicians. Our hope is in Jesus. This is a truth that we should always cling to, especially in times of uncertainty. Let’s use time to deepen our faith instead of giving into fear. There are some great family devotionals, including series on the book of Philippians, “Where Does Joy Come From?”.

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