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It was during my MPCS years that I laid a strong foundation in my life as a Christ-follower, friend, and life-long student. I remember sitting in my junior Bible class, and my teacher said, ‘There is a difference between knowing about God and knowing God Himself. In this class, you will learn a lot about God, but I want you to remember that the ultimate prize is not merely the information you’ll learn but the relationship you’ll discover.’ I think back to this moment often, and I am so grateful for both the truths I learned about God while at Mount Paran and the relationship I began with Him.

E. Sparks

Class of 2011

Discipling the Next Generation of Christ-Followers

Discipling Families

From The Mount is a MPCS podcast featuring thought-leadership content from our industry-expert faculty and staff. Features include ParentEd. topics, student insights, and guest speakers relevant for parents facing challenges in today's culture while raising children with a biblical worldview. Watch now or listen on your favorite streaming app.

"From the Mount" Podcast


Resources for the Journey

RightNow Media

MPCS offers our school community a complimentary RightNow Media subscription through a unique link. Resources are available for families with children of all ages including Bible studies and video content. Use it freely as a guide in your in-home discipleship and Biblical teaching tool for small groups or kids. 

ParentEd. Talks

Raising kids of great character with a solid biblical foundation takes intentionality and focus. As an key part of our school mission, MPCS partners with home by offering ParentEd. where counselors and experts in Christian discipleship share insight on an array of topics relevant to your family.

Discipleship Tips

WingTips is the renown Mount Paran Christian School blog. Content features many independent school contributors and thought-leaders. Families can glean sound, biblical insight on various topics integral to parenting such as social media, peer relationships, or drug and alcohol influences.


Daily Devotion and Announcements

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Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I commanded you...

— Matthew 28:19-20