As a Christian institution with a Christ-centered mission, Mount Paran Christian School believes it is our biblical obligation to lead our students in modeling all that Jesus has commanded in Mark 12:30-31.

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MPCS is committed to becoming an environment diverse and inclusive in a way that reflects God’s Kingdom. Human and financial resources are allocated to assist in establishing leadership, driving professional development, and cultivating a Christ-centered environment, both welcoming and nurturing. The CommUNITY Council is leading the charge at MPCS in teaching and guiding students to love all people and to learn to celebrate our unique differences. Click here to watch our recent annual meeting.

MLK Jr. Day Devotion on "Brotherhood" From Fifth-graders H. New and C. Flowers




Beginning in 2020, lamp post banners adorned the MPCS campus. Each new banner was designed by an MPCS high school visual art student. The original artwork embodies the student's interpretation of specific Bible verses, chosen from God's Word about our commUNITY. To keep the MPCS family focused on what truly matters, the school adopted a theme of “Love One Another.” The banners are visual reminders on campus of what God has to say about loving all people. Each verse is inclusive of the diverse body of Christ and God's love for every one of us. His instruction is clear, and our call is to obey His commands in our treatment of His children. Special thanks to the MPCS high school visual artists who dedicated time to complete the CommUNITY series banner works of art.

Love One Another – C. Monroe Seek Justice – N. Roberts
Stand Together – C. Finch Be Compassionate – H. Meilstrup
Live in Harmony – B. Hawkins Have Courage – H. Abernathy
Be One in Christ – C. Pulley See as God Sees – C. Kalichack
Value Others – M. Westbrook Let Your Light Shine – R. Harvin


Read the WingTips Campaign for CommUNITY blog and watch the Campaign for CommUNITY chapel to understand what “loving one another” looks like in practice for us as a CommUNITY.


International Fair Photo


In order for our students to thrive in a multicultural world, they must learn, understand, and come to appreciate the impact of culture itself. As a school, we are dedicated to building a more multicultural curriculum that prepares our students for global citizenship and helps them to understand the significant historical experiences and basic cultural patterns of different ethnic groups. Through a biblical lens, our curriculum looks to address contemporary issues and the social problems confronting them, while exploring the experience and personal lives of different individuals and/or groups these issues and problems affect.

Mount Paran Christian School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, birth gender, protected disability, national or ethnic origin, genetic disease or disorder, or protected age in the administration of its admission, academic, athletic, financial aid, and employment policies.

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“‘And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind, and with all your strength.’ The second is this, ‘you shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no other commandment greater than these.”

—Mark 12:30-31

MPCS CTF leadership

What is the CommUNITY Council?

The CommUNITY Council consists of MPCS faculty and staff members who represent the various disciplines and divisions in the school community. The taskforce is led by Catina Taliaferro, Director of Diversity and Belonging. Coordinators are Kathleen McCook and Tangye Watson.


CommUNITY Council Members:

Kathleen McCook
Murray Arts Center, Managing Director
Catina Taliaferro
Director, Diversity and Belonging

MLK Field Trip

“MPCS makes its students a priority – every student, no matter his or her academic, athletic, or artistic aspirations is important. I can promise you that you’ll never be a nameless face while on the MPCS campus – a campus that is chock-full of smiling faces and teachers who genuinely care and will go out of their way to help you inside and outside of the classroom.”

-T. Williams '09