The MPCS visual arts program begins in preschool, with hands-on projects, color theory, and creative problem-solving. Lower school students study famous artists and are presented with challenging projects that imitate each artist's style. They experiment in various media, such as clay, glass, cardboard, wire, paper mâché, plaster, watercolors, oil paints, and fabric. Third grade takes on the task of turning raw sheep's wool into yarn through the technique of washing, combing, and dying the wool. Other classes explore and create art pieces through weaving.

Art classes at all levels provide students with a creative environment and encourage a desire to explore the history of art and the spiritual influences reflected through art. Middle schoolers study African masks, creating their own in terra cotta and researching the spirituality behind the mask art. 


High School AP Art


The high school visual arts program offers additional media for students and allows students to focus on one area of visual arts.

High School Arts Courses:

  • Advanced Placement (AP) art 1 / 2
  • 2D/3D classes
  • pottery
  • photography
  • graphic design
  • lighting engineering
  • technical theatre — set and costume design
  • videography
  • yearbook

Middle School Visual Arts Gallery


In addition to creating art in class, the visual arts program offers opportunities for students to submit and display their art in our student galleries, as well as local student shows outside of school. Clubs such as the National Art Honor Society bring service into art and engage in the life of the school. 

From AP Art, All-State visual art qualifiers, and Governor's Honors participants in the visual arts, students are prepared to take their gifts into future creative careers. MPCS student artists develop a personal aesthetic through a program that is rich with cultural art experiences, ultimately equipping them to use their skills to tangibly honor God through their artistic gifts.

MPCS visual art pottery wheel


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AP Art in MPCS High School



"The Director of Arts at Mount Paran Christian School created a completely new course of study unique to me and my interests in the arts, which allowed me to dive into my passions. As time goes on, I’m continually blown away by the intentionality and giving nature of the MPCS community that still goes out of its way to support me.”

-H. Meyer '16

Quilt of a Country Mural by MPCS High School

Matisse Inspired Collage and 3D Paint

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Getty Challenge

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Earth Art after Andy Goldsworthy

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