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Murray Arts Center


Seat Theater

The Kristi Lynn Theatre houses 2 VIP boxes and 145-seat balcony.


Seat Black Box Theater

Traditional seating or in the round, the Black Box Theater is used for curricular drama classes, improv, and drama productions in middle and high school.


Instructional Studios

From small sound-proof studio suites to mid-size piano rooms and large band and chorus rooms, the Murray Arts Center provides professional acoustic spaces for private music lessons and voice training.


Fine Arts Rooms

The Murray Arts Center houses the newly renovated high school visual art room, art gallery, and pottery wheel and kiln room. Digital arts utilizes two additional classrooms with an Apple lab for graphic design, and a photo journalism room. The "From The Mount" podcast also employs commercial art instructional space for real-world learning.


Dance Studios

Each studio is equipped with floor-to-ceiling mirrors and floating "puck system" flooring designed with a little give and bounce to aid dancers. Between two of the studios is an observation room with one-way glass, enabling parents to watch lessons without being a distraction to the students.


Professional Recording Studio

Home to the LeFevre SoundLab, the MPCS recording studio is used for instructional sound design courses and chapel band. Music industry professionals utilize the SSL Duality console for recording live tracks and mixing.


Explore the Murray Arts Center

The magic happens in the Murray Arts Center, home to brilliant and talented artists by day, and bustling after-school programs into the evening. Additionally, the arts are supported in Mulkey Hall for preschool, lower, and middle school students, with dedicated spaces designed for creativity and learning.

The Murray Arts Center instructs and entertains on three floors that include instructional classrooms and rehearsal and performance areas, as well as event, meeting, and office suite usage. Immersed with technology that would rival even the most elaborate performing arts complexes in the world, the possibilities for growth in all areas of the arts are endless. The Murray Arts Center's rehearsal spaces, classrooms, audio and video equipment, and recording capabilities are conducive to enhancing the arts experience for MPCS students, families, and the community.

Serving the Community

The Murray Arts Center has been serving the MPCS and surrounding community for 15 years. Its primary function is to educate MPCS students in the arts and host weekly chapel for more than 1,300 students.

Anniversary of the MAC


A View of the Murray Arts Center

Explore the studios, stages, and spaces within this state-of-the-art fine and performing arts facility.

MAC from lake.
Murray Arts Center.
Top view of lobby.
Murray Arts Center.
Black chairs in a box layout with a single chair in the middle.
Girl looking in the mirror doing ballet.
MAC view of the stairs going down.
Studio with microphones and equipment.
An auditorium.
The opportunities offered by the Arts department were a key component of why we chose Mount Paran. We were excited that our son would be able to utilize a world-class facility like the Murray Arts Center. No other school has access to the caliber of resources that the school offers.

J. Duncan

MPCS Parent