The Murray Arts Center of Mount Paran Christian School
exists to enable students to pursue Truth
through the exemplary expression of the arts
and to engage its community in the development
of the arts, thus transforming the culture for Christ.
Watch the video to take a tour of the state-of-the-art MPCS Murray Arts Center facility.


Equipped with technology that would rival even the most elaborate performing arts complexes in the world, the possibilities for growth in all areas of the arts are endless. The Murray Arts Center's rehearsal spaces, classrooms, audio and video equipment, and recording capabilities are conducive to enhancing the arts experience for MPCS students, families, and the community.


Murray Arts Center Kristi Lynn Theatre

Kristi Lynn Theatre

The Kristi Lynn Theatre was named in memory of the wife of Don Dozier, former parent and a major benefactor of the Murray Arts Center. The Kristi Lynn Theatre (KLT) seats 577, with 404 downstairs, 14 in each of the balcony VIP boxes, and the final 145 making up the balcony. The front-of-house tech booth is equipped with a Solid State Logic digital audio console and a GrandMA light console. A control booth in the back of the house offers a second tech booth option, as well as housing video and audio distribution options. A spotlight booth is located in the upper rear of the theater with two follow spots. The stage is extremely versatile, offering a rear-projector and giant viewing screen for any lecture-based events, black legs and scrim with a cyc for theatrical productions, and even a flown orchestra shell to enhance the sound of instrumental or vocal performances.

The balcony includes two VIP boxes with adjoining VIP private lounges. Each box seats 14 guests. The mezzanine outside the balcony entrances provides a beautiful view of the Grand Lobby and a place for relaxing during intermission.


Instructional Spaces

Three dance studios span the length of the main hall off the Grand Lobby. Each studio is equipped with floor-to-ceiling mirrors and floating "puck system" flooring designed with a little give and bounce to aid dancers. Between two of the studios is an observation room with one-way glass, enabling parents to watch lessons without being a distraction to the students.

The first floor of the Murray Arts Center can be easily split into three very distinct sections: choral, instrumental, and backstage. Though some of the larger rooms can double as performance spaces for small music recitals, the first floor is primarily dedicated to the art of education and rehearsing. Most of the spaces on the first floor are completely soundproof.

Ensemble rooms are "recorder ready," wired to record any rehearsal or recital that may take place, which can be controlled and mixed in each room's individual control panel or in the main studio. Most of the classroom spaces and larger rehearsal spaces are also equipped with built-in projectors and screens capable of playing anything from a DVD to PowerPoint displays for classroom instruction. Each room is equipped with an upright piano.


Black Box Theater

The Black Box Theater seats up to 150 people in either traditional seating style or "in the round." The flexibility of this space is endless, as all platforms and chairs "float" and can be arranged to suit the need of any smaller-scale theatrical or musical performance. Motorized shades on three giant windows in the Black Box Theater allow for a true blackout to enhance the lighting per performance. A set of men's and women's dressing rooms off the rear of the Black Box Theater complete this space, making the possibility to have two opposite performances in two theaters at the same time completely attainable.


Grand Lobby

Linking the two theatre spaces together is the Grand Lobby. With its chess-board patterned Italian marble flooring, grand staircase, golden colored chandeliers, and large floor-to-ceiling windows with motorized shades that overlook a veranda on the lake, this space can be used for a gathering place for patrons who attend a performance in either theatre space (as well as purchase tickets in the box office or refreshments in the concessions booth) or an intimate seated dinner event space. Completing the second floor is a full-sized and full-service catering kitchen. The third floor provides access to the KLT balcony seating, MAC administrative offices, the Murray Foundation Board Room, and the recording studio.


LeFevre SoundLab

The LeFevre SoundLab recording and video production facility is unlike any studio in the country, distinguished by an arsenal of technology. The focal point of the audio suite is the SSL Duality™ console. The Duality’s innovative hybrid approach combines a traditional analogue path and signal processing, along with exceptional DAW control and integration, all within a single hardware surface. The space is able to record performers not only within the studio walls, but from every location in the Center.

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Ballet Suite

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"There were many reasons our family chose to invest in an MPCS education. We were impressed with the school’s commitment to hire quality educators, and we felt that the school’s Christ-focused mission statement was consistent with our own. Furthermore, we were convinced that the school provided the perfect balance of academic rigor and extracurricular activities. The opportunities offered by the Department of Fine Arts were a key component of why we chose Mount Paran. We were excited that our son would be able to utilize a world-class facility like the Murray Arts Center. No other school has access to the caliber of resources that the school offers."

-J. Duncan, Parent


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Photograph of Mandy Kirkpatrick
Mandy Kirkpatrick
MAC Assistant Director of Event Management