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LeFevre SoundLab

Female High School Student plays at piano in the LeFevre SoundLab

Our professional-level recording studio offers students real-world experience.

The LeFevre SoundLab recording and video production facility is unlike any studio in the country, distinguished by an arsenal of technology. The focal point of the audio suite is the SSL Duality™ console. The studio also includes a demo room and a mastering suite. The space is able to record performers not only within the studio walls, but also from every location within the Murray Arts Center.

innovation in education: preparing students for careers in film, music, and television

Hands-On Learning

Distinguished by an arsenal of technology, the LeFevre SoundLab is a sought-after studio and a remarkable classroom for Mount Paran Christian School students. Students may take classes in various levels of audio engineering, songwriting, and music production, preparing them for post-secondary degrees in the recording industry. The focal point of the audio suite is the SSL Duality™ audio recording console.

Female High School Students works on track master equipment in LeFevre SoundLab

Reserve the LeFevre SoundLab

The LeFevre SoundLab is open to recording and mixing content that fits our mission as a devout Christian educational facility. Please inquire about reserving recording or mixing time in the LeFevre SoundLab.

Equipment List


Mr and Mrs LeFevre at SoundLab Ribbon cutting

About the LeFevre Family

In August 2016, the space was dedicated and named the LeFevre SoundLab, honoring Meurice and Peggy LeFevre, Ron and Lisa LeFevre Mulkey, and grandchildren – Taylor Mulkey Kinsey '09, Madeline Mulkey Daniels '12, Ian Williams '15, and Nathan Williams '15. The LeFevre name is synonymous with Southern Gospel music. An innovator in Gospel and secular music recording, Meurice founded Sing Record Company in 1959 – the first state-of-the-art recording studio in Atlanta. 

"Wingspan" Magazine Feature - Summer 2017