The MPCS Dozier School of the Arts (DSA) is one of the most unique arts magnet programs of its kind in the nation for independent Christian schools. Leveraging the facilities of the Murray Arts Center, the Murray Arts Academy, and MPCS arts teaching faculty, the DSA is a high school arts education curricular program that trains and mentors student artists to become servant-leaders, using their God-given talents to be agents of change in the world of the arts. The Dozier School of the Arts is a school-within-a-school designed to provide intensive high school programs of study.

Areas of Study: 

  • dance
  • acting
  • technical theatre
  • vocal music
  • instrumental music
  • theory and composition
  • worship arts
  • recording arts
  • visual arts (2D/3D)
  • graphic arts





Dozier School of the Arts students specify one major area of study, but they are also able and encouraged to study multiple areas throughout their DSA experience. As students progress through the four-year track in their specified area of study, flexible scheduling arrangements can be employed to provide time for more extensive coursework and additional study. Along with daily courses, students have opportunities to perform in the local community, at the school, and in regional and national venues to engage servant-leadership by sharing their gifts with others. Whether students become performers, teachers, or advocates of the arts, the vision of the program is to assist students in acquiring the tools necessary to help achieve their goals. 

After completing all DSA study requirements, evaluations, and performances, students will graduate with a DSA certificate on their school résumé, presented in addition to the regular academic diploma.


High school visual art
MPCS Arts Magnet Program Drama


Click the button below to download and read the guidelines for participation in the Dozier School of the Arts (DSA). For more information about DSA or to apply, please contact Cary Brague, Director of Arts.

DSA Guidelines for Participation
Photograph of Cary Brague
Cary Brague
Director, Performing and Visual Arts


Learn More About the Arts Magnet Program:

Dance at Dozier School of the Arts

“Mount Paran Christian School gave me the confidence and knowledge to go out into the world as a strong, well-educated Christian, ready to take on NYC. If your desire is to perform on stage and hone your craft, MPCS and the Dozier School of the Arts is your ticket to the show!”

-M. Persson '12