At Mount Paran Christian School, arts opportunities abound in every performing and visual arts area for MPCS students in PK3 through twelfth grade. Our programs have received the highest calibre recognition in all areas including Governor's Honors, All-State, and Shuler Hensley awards.


  • chapel band
  • orchestra
  • band
  • chorus
  • vocal ensembles
  • dance
  • drama
  • technical theater
  • visual arts
  • recording arts
  • graphic design
  • photography
  • musical theater


Middle School Musical


We believe artistic expression is a true demonstration of God’s creative gifts, and the exercise of those gifts are a manifestation of our love for Him. Additionally, arts education serves to instill the broadening of creative thinking that can be leveraged in academics and applied in life.


Arts Statistics


MPCS also understands the opportunity and need to develop talent to transform the American arts culture for Christ. As a result of understanding that, for many, the arts is essential to their Christian calling, excellence is passionately fostered.

Through the breadth of arts training opportunities that the school provides, MPCS is committed to training students to be educated consumers and performers of the arts, with the hopes that current arts culture might be changed through the efforts of the school and the inspiration of God’s word.


MPC Color Guard and Violin


MPCS supports curricular programming that leverages the arts as a viable vehicle for the training of academic minds and creative thinkers in every grade level. Hands-on experiences open the neuropathways used for math, science, and language arts. From preschool through high school, students are exposed to opportunities in the arts that can yield success in the classroom and beyond. 


“My freshman year, I was planning on going to college to study biology. I was on a heavily academic track to prepare for that. Then, about halfway through high school, I discovered my love for the arts. It was an extremely dramatic shift. I was so glad that I was attending Mount Paran at that time, because it gave me the opportunity to explore what I wanted to. I could go from a more academic route to a more artistic route with the snap of a finger."

—N. Petit '18