The faculty and staff at Mount Paran Christian School are thrilled to learn about all of our alumni accomplishments in college and beyond. So many graduates have gone on to higher degrees, missions work, entrepreneurial businesses, weddings, and having children of their own. Check back to this page periodically for additional news about fellow classmates and where they are now. We also encourage you to follow us on the Alumni Association Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn feeds for updates. 


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Sara Jean Kapelski '03

Sara Jean Kapelski ‘03 earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Kennesaw State University and is currently employed at Wellstar Kennestone Hospital Emergency Room. SJ states, "I became a trauma nurse to do my part to make a difference in my community!"

Brooke Antoine '08

Brooke Antoine ‘08 earned her BSN from Georgia College and State University and is now employed at the University of Florida Health Jacksonville location. Brooke says she is in healthcare "to make a difference in the lives of others!"

Rachel Chapman '08

Rachel Chapman ‘08 earned her BSN at the University of Alabama Birmingham and is now employed at Wellstar as an Interventional Radiology nurse, having served in this position for approximately eight years. Rachel says, "I wanted to help people and have always been interested in the science behind healthcare."

Alina Giles '08

Alina Giles ‘08 earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing and  Bachelor of Science in Communication and is a cardiac RN at Northside Hospital. Alina says, "The human body is amazing, and being a nurse is extremely fulfilling. Caring for someone during a vulnerable and scary time in their life is what makes those long twelve hour shifts worth it!"

Ashton Hilbrands '08

Ashton Hilbrands ‘08 is a physical therapist (PT, DPT) for Wellstar Kennestone Hospital, working in acute care. "I love the ability I have to serve others,” she says. “Being able to help someone recover their mobility after an injury/accident is extremely rewarding."

Michael Gray '09

Michael Gray '09 earned his Doctor of Physical Therapy from the University of Florida and is currently employed at PT Solutions as a Physical Therapist/Clinic Director. Michael says, "Physical therapy drew me in with the opportunity to promote wellness in an environment built on relationships. Those passions continue to grow as my patients, colleagues, and mentors inspire daily growth and learning."

Abigail Barker McKay 09

Abigail Barker McKay ‘09 earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Liberty University and the Registered Nurse distinction. She shares her reason for choosing the nursing profession: "I wanted to make a difference in our world. Being in healthcare is such a great way to be the hands and feet of Christ. You get to take care of people from all walks of life and love on them anyways."

Kelsey Pocock '09

Kelsey Pocock ‘09 earned her MSN at UAB and is currently employed at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, where she is a Mental Health Nurse Practitioner. She shares, “I have always loved the idea of working in healthcare. In my experience with medical care as a child, I spent more time with the nurses and really connected with them. I wanted to experience that with my patients, so I became a nurse. I then realized that hospitalized children have emotional needs that need to be met as well, so I decided to specialize in psychiatry during graduate school.”

Tiffany Ahmadi '10

Tiffany Ahmadi ‘10 earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Emory University and is currently employed at Kennestone Hospital as a Nurse Manager of the trauma Surgery ICU. She has served in the profession for five years. Tiffany says, "I chose this profession to give back and serve the community!"

Kimberly Allen '10

Kimberly Allen ‘10 earned a BSPS, PharmD from the University of Mississippi and is currently employed as a Staff Pharmacist, Medication Therapy Management (MTM) District Lead at Walgreens Pharmacy. Kimberly knew she always wanted to be a pharmacist: "At a young age, I developed a passion for my science, math, and health studies. This passion, coupled with the desire to make a difference in the lives of those in my community on a daily basis, is what led me to a career in healthcare, specifically pharmacy. I have been working as a community pharmacist since I graduated from pharmacy school and am grateful for the opportunity to do what I love every day. Each day in retail pharmacy brings new opportunities for me to help patients get the most out of their medication regimens and serve as an informed and accessible healthcare resource for my community."

Brittany Smith '10

Brittany Smith ‘10 graduated from the Auburn University Harrison School of Pharmacy, earning her Doctor of Pharmacy degree. She is now employed at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta at Scottish Rite as a pharmacist. Brittany says, "I have always had a passion for working with patients and love seeing the impact in their lives. Healthcare is a close-knit environment, and I enjoy working in a team alongside other medical disciplines."

Katie Templeton '10

Katie Templeton ‘10 earned her Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies at the University of Alabama at Birmingham and is employed at Vein Clinics of America as a PA. Katie says about her career choice, "It is a tangible way to bring people hope and wholeness."

Andrew Anderson '11

Dr. Andrew Anderson ‘11 earned his M.D. from the Medical College of Georgia and is currently at WellStar Graduate Medical Education as a Transitional Year Resident Physician. Drew says,"I wanted to be constantly challenged to learn new things and make a difference in people’s lives during critical moments that affect their health and well-being."

Kaitlyn Brock '11

Kaitlyn Brock ‘11 will graduate in 2021 with her Master of Science in Advanced Nursing at UAB, while also earning a dual Pediatric NP degree. She is currently an RN at the emergency room at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta at Scottish Rite. Kaitlyn says, "Since I was a little girl, I always knew I wanted to be in the healthcare field. Being a nurse was the perfect position to combine my love for medicine with my passion for serving others." 

Rachel Garner '11

Rachel Diane Garner  ‘11 graduated from Mercer University with a Master of Medical Science, Physician Assistant Studies. She is currently a Physicians Assistant for ApolloMD and simply says her reason for choosing to be a healthcare professional is "to make people happy and healthy!"

Amber Johnson '11

Amber Johnson ‘11 earned her Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy from Richmont Graduate University and is currently an MA Marriage and Family therapist at Richmont Institute of Trauma and Recovery. "I enjoy helping people from a holistic approach to becoming the best version of themselves."

Sarah Stokes 11

Sarah Armitage Stokes ‘11 earned her MMS from Arcadia University and is currently practicing as a Physicians Assistant at Arcadia.

Claire Tolbert '11

Claire Tolbert ‘11 earned her BSN from Samford University and is currently an RN in pediatric critical care at Children's of Alabama. Claire says, "I have just always known that I wanted to be a nurse with pediatrics! I did an internship at Kennestone in the NICU during my senior year of high school and was hooked. I love taking care of children because of their positive attitudes and resilience!"

Sierra Watkins '11

Sierra Watkins ‘11 earned her Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health from Georgia State University and is currently employed as a therapist/counselor at Atlanta Relationship Institute. Sierra reflects on her choice of profession: "The intricate ways of the mind have always fascinated me, and helping others reach their highest potential is my passion! I want everyone to realize the beauty within and tap into their innate power to manifest their best life."

Kiersten Dysart '12

Kiersten Dysart ‘12 (pictured on right) earned her Master of Medical Science in Anesthesiology from Emory University and is employed with Georgia Anesthesiologists at Kennestone Hospital as an Anesthesiologist Assistant.

Beka Miller '12

Beka Miller ‘12 earned her BSN from Samford University and is currently employed at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta-Egleston. Beka says, "I love science and medicine, and I love caring for others!"

Shannon McGeary '13

Shannon McGeary ‘13 earned her undergraduate degree in Biochemistry at the Georgia Institute of Technology and is currently a first-year med student at the Medical College of Georgia. She has known for a long time that science had a place in her final choice of profession. "Science has always been one of my favorite subjects to study. From the first time we dissected a heart in Mr. Banks’s seventh-grade science class, I knew I wanted to be a doctor!"

Christalei Polk '15

Cristalei Polk ‘13 earned a Master's of Prosthetics and Orthotics at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. She currently is practicing as an orthotics resident at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children. She says, "I chose a healthcare career in prosthetics and orthotics to help people gain their mobility back and reach their goals. Whether it's a prosthetic or orthotic patient, I love to see my patients smile and even dance when they are taking their first steps with their new device."

Macy Polk '13

Macy Polk ‘13 earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Kennesaw State University, and is currently employed at WellStar Health System as an RN. Macy states, "I wanted a career that would allow me to serve my community and enhance my knowledge and skills every day."

Erin Nicole Hughes '14

Erin Nicole Hughes ‘14 earned a Bachelor's in Neuroscience from The College of William and Mary and is currently an Emergency Department Tech at Sentara Healthcare. Erin says, "I chose a career in healthcare because I am passionate about serving individuals in underserved communities. I hope to educate my patients on the resources available to them and ensure that they are seen and heard as more than their illness."

Annie Miller '14

Annie Miller ‘14 earned her BSN degree at Georgia College & State University and is currently employed as an RN at CHOA Egleston. Annie states, "I have always had a heart for caring for people, especially babies and kids. My love for [helping patients with] cardiac defects came once I was in school. I’m living my dream.”

Anna Persson '14

Anna Persson ‘14 is a Certified Medical Assistant and is currently employed at Georgia Skin Specialists. Anna gives her reason for choosing a healthcare profession: "I wanted to do something in my career that is challenging, interesting, and makes a difference in people's lives daily. In the medical profession, you deal with many aspects of patient care, and I enjoy one-on-one time with our patients and helping them meet their needs."

Kelly Rogers 14

Kelly Rogers '14 earned her BSN from Kennesaw State University and is currently employed by Wellstar as an Emergency Department nurse.

Abby Darling '15

Abby Darling ‘15 is working on her Doctor of Dentistry at Augusta University College of Dental Medicine, following her undergrad degree in Biological Science at UGA. Abby says, "A large portion of my family is in health care and inspired me to pursue that field. I love science, human interaction, and hands-on activities. Also, it's rewarding to help people as a career." 

Emily Johnson '15

Emily Johnson ‘15 is a first-year dental student at Dental College of Georgia, studying to make dentistry her career. Why dentistry? "Dentistry provides me with an opportunity to serve and develop strong lasting relationships with my patients,” she shares. “I hope to one day share the gospel through my practice, both locally and internationally."

Kayla Lebhaft 15

Kayla Lebhaft ‘15 is completing her Bachelors of Science in Nursing this summer at Kennesaw State University and has been interning at Kennestone Hospital as a care partner for nearly two years now. She soon will be practicing as an RN. Kayla states, "I want to have an impact on the lives of others and serve my community for God’s glory."

Rachel Miller '15

Rachel Miller ‘15 earned her Bachelors of Science degree in Athletic Training from Samford University and is now employed at PlaySafe Alabama as an athletic trainer. Rachel says, "I love helping others, being active, and sports, so athletic training is the perfect combination of those for me! It is a lot of work and weird hours, but the relationships I get to make with my athletes is priceless.”

Ashlynn Peters '15

Ashlynn Julia Peters ‘15 earned her BSN, RN from Belmont University and is currently an RN at Emory University in Midtown. Ashlynn says, "I chose to become a nurse because I knew I was created by the Lord to help others, and it is the biggest blessing to be there for people in their darkest times."

Kristen Baars '16

Kristen Baars ‘16 will earn her BSN from UAB in May of 2020 and plans to work at Children's of Alabama as an RN. Kristen says, “I have always felt a pull towards taking care of others and advocating for those who cannot advocate for themselves. Being sick and in the hospital is one of the scariest times in people's lives, and being able to be a light for them during that dark time is so important for me."

Sara Kathryn Brumbelow '16

Sara Kathryn Brumbelow ‘16 earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Samford University recently and says, "I chose a degree in healthcare to give back to the community what has been done for my family and me over the years."

Katie Larkin '16

Katie Larkin ‘16 is completing her Bachelor of Science studies at Towson University and is working as a mental health worker in the Trauma Disorders Unit at Sheppard Pratt Health Systems in the Baltimore area. Katie says, "I’ve always wanted to go into psychiatric care, and this job gives me incomparable patient experience working in an inpatient unit. I’ve learned so much and am quick to tell anyone how much I’ve learned during my time at Sheppard Pratt and how grateful I am for the opportunity!"

Julia Russ '16

Julia Russ ‘16 graduated from Auburn University in Pre-Dentistry Studies and Biomedical Sciences and will be pursuing Doctor of Dental Surgery at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Katie Sweeney '16

Katie Sweeney ‘16 recently graduated from Berry College with a degree in nursing and will begin working in the ICU at Northside Cherokee Hospital beginning in the fall as an ICU Registered Nurse. Katie says, "During my time in nursing school, I have enjoyed my experiences in the emergency room/ICU. My passion began with my family experience in the medical field and my own experiences from sports injuries and surgeries while in high school!"

Camille Renz '17

Camille Renz '17 continues to work on earning her nursing degree from Georgia College and says her interest in nursing came from her parents: "My parents are in the medical field, so I grew up hearing story after story about how they helped someone. I have the opportunity to make patients happy again, and that is my goal."

Lauryn Perry '19

Lauryn Perry ‘19 is a first-year Pre-Nursing Deans Scholar student at UAB. Lauryn says, "I have a tremendous passion for caring for people who do not have the means to necessarily care for themselves. I cannot see myself in any other field!"

Ellen Kozee

Ellen Kozee is the daughter of long-time MPCS high school English teacher, Donna Wood. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Kennesaw State University and is employed by Piedmont Atlanta Hospital as a Critical Care Certified Registered Nurse. She says, "I love the challenge of critical care pathophysiology and the opportunity to help patients in the worst conditions. I am blessed to see the hand of God in these extreme conditions."

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