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Forever an Eagle

Dr. Tilley Leadership
Whether I was on the sports field, the stage, or leading a group of my peers through a club or organization, I was always reminded to lead humbly, serve selflessly, and walk in Truth,” Taylor says. “MPCS laid this cornerstone in my heart and mind. Your educational journey here prepares you for your future educational endeavors. You will find yourself making meaningful relationships with your peers, and, most importantly, your faith will be supported, mentored, and furthered. Honestly, graduating and leaving the campus was harder than I expected. I have even returned to serve on the Alumni Association and as a drama director. They couldn’t keep me away!

Taylor (Mulkey) Kinsey

Class of 2009



Forever an Eagle: Video Series


Amber Jogie '16

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Kendall Konieczny '22

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Preston Moore '12

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Kelley Hutchinson '16

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Joshua Brownsworth '14

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Sydney (Murphy) Keller '14

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Alumni Blogs

In the Letter to My Alma Mater series, the MPCS blog "WingTips" explores alumni stories from their primary school years and how they were prepared for related endeavors.

Letter to my Alma Mater: Servant-Leadership

With a recent graduate who has taken a rigorous course load, we have absolutely no doubts that he is deeply prepared for the elite colleges he’s been accepted into thanks to MPCS. Most importantly, he has a solid walk with God. I’m thankful for the school partnering with us in these eternal goals. T. Brown