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We are thrilled you are visiting your alma mater online! There is so much happening each year as our alumni base continues to grow and do amazing things beyond your high school years. Learn more about our alumni leadership council and check out the news and events pages for up-to-date information on upcoming visits and reunions. 

MPCS Alumni Association Mission:

The mission of the Mount Paran Christian School Alumni Association is to promote and support Mount Paran Christian School and to foster a spirit of community and friendship among the school's alumni.

MPCS graduate caps

Alumni association membership

Automatic and full membership is available to all MPCS graduates and honorary membership is granted to MPCS students who did not graduate from MPCS but meet the established criteria for honorary membership. Honorary membership may also be granted to any former or current faculty or staff member (non-alumni) who meets the established criteria for honorary membership. Honorary membership is also granted to parents of full-membership MPCS alumni who have met the necessary requirements. When matters of voting are extended to the association, only full members are entitled to vote.


MPCS Alumni Association Council

Alumni Association Leadership Council

The Mount Paran Christian School Alumni Association Leadership Council comprises representatives from each graduating class, an executive council, and non-voting members such as the School’s Headmaster, Director of Development, Assistant Director of Development and the Alumni Relations Manager. Any alumni association member may request to be a part of the leadership team by contacting the Alumni Relations Manager or the President of the Executive Council. In addition to full membership, any member interested in serving on the leadership council must be in good standing with the Association. For the year 2019, the following association members serve on the leadership council with an additional member being added yearly (June) from the current year graduating class. The leadership council is divided into the following subcommittees.


Alumni Association President: Caroline Bradford (2003)
Alumni Vice-President: Wes Watt (2009) 
MPCS Alumni Relations Manager: John Braswell

Events Committee Outreach Committee Communications
Nick Caras (co-chair) 2012 Tiernan Phillips (chair) 2006 Taylor Williams (chair) 2009
Hannah Ian (co-chair) 2012 Jeff Jahn 2003 Ansley Brague 2018
Endien Freeman 1998 Beau O’Dell 2006 Madeline Daniels 2012
Taylor Kinsey 2009 Harleigh Palomaki 2017 Josh Isenberg 1999
Donna McCoy 1993 Matt Rooke 2004 Wes Watt 2009
Brittany Varville 2011 Bain Morgan (2011)  


Caroline Bradford, class of 2003 was recently elected by the MPCS Alumni Leadership Council to serve as its new president through June 30, 2021. Caroline follows Taylor Kinsey, who served as president form 2017-2019. The alumni council wishes to thank Taylor for all her efforts in expanding the alumni council and the alumni program. She was the right person for the right time! We will miss Taylor’s leadership but are excited about Caroline’s carrying the baton forward! In addition, we are happy to welcome new alumni council members, Brittany Varville and Bain Morgan to the alumni council. Both Brittany and Bain are 2011 alums who contacted the school to give back to the school out of gratitude for what the school meant to them.. Thanks, Brittany and Bain!


We would like to welcome the following 120 new MPCS Facebook alumni members since January 2019!

Matthew Smith, 2013 Samuel Ivey, 1993 Ashley Busby, 2017
Tia Moschner, 2018 Nicole Selman, 2016 Tuck Alford, 2013
Douglas Legg, 2013 Hudson Droege, 2017 Chancy Cannon, 2017
Emoni Williams, 2015 Nicole Polemitis, (Honorary Alum) Ansley Bolen, 2015
Sarah Beth Johnson, 2015 Nolan Moran, 2010 Macey Dawson, 2016
Julia Russ, 2016 Caitlin Black, 2012 Catherine Sigman, 2015
Luke Burton, 2012 Rob Quarles, 2012 Bob Sneed, 2013
Timothy Aldridge, 2013 Mycala Wagoner, 2014 Brick Faucette, 2003
Asher Marie Ward, 2015 Cameron Deaton, 2016 Kennedy Cannon, 2015
Kimmy Bardwell, 2009 Kaitlyn Camp, 2013 Luke Burton, 2012
Savanah Leigh Eubanks, 2014 Zach Feldman, 2018 Chad Turner, 1990
Ali Fern, 2014 Jenna Ashe, 2018 Kaycie Cornelius, 2015
Madison Long, 2015 Ainsley Williams, 2004 Caroline Marshbanks, 2009
Nick Sbravati, 2015 Cam Skinner, 2012 Michael Rismiller, 2011
Cole Weber, 2013 Nicole Gatipon, 2018 Timothy Wiens, (Headmaster)
Tiffany DeRossett, 2003 Rachael Duncan, 2016 Elizabeth Weaver, 2016
Blake Thompson, 2002 Ann-Taylor Willis, 2013 Paul Sparks, 2008
Jake McWhorter, 2016 Katie Maxham, 2013 Emily Phipps, 2016
Bo Stallings, 2018 Caroline Weindorfer, 2014 Bryce Ligon, 2008
Luke Hughes, 2014 Harrison Kossover, 2016 Joseph D'Ambola, 2016
Cecilia Long, 2015 Amy Diaz Blom, 2012 Kobi Palomaki, 2015
Lawson Reeves, 2013 Sarah Hinton Keller, 2008 Hannah Lupas, 2013
Amy Spruill, 2015 Patrick McGeary, 2016 Carter Smith, 2017
Seth Hogle, 2011 Ashley Bilson, 2015 Travis Isenberg, 2014
Tatum Anderson, 2016 Aimee Lee Prestridge, 2003 Ava Gribble, 2018
Ill Pearce, 2003 Matt Adamson, 2013 Chloe Callis, 2016
Jillian Tucker, 2018 Grayson Woodruff, 2016 Abbey Baird, 2017
Madison Darling, 2016 Alec Scott, 2017 Brooke Antoine, 2008
Sloan Smith-Moultrie, 2002 Stephen Craig, 2015 Brett Reel, 2016
Ben Cain, 2016 Peyton Rusk, 2015 Makenzie Kitchens Johnson, 2014
Alex Konieczny, 2014 Erika Mack, 2016 Meghan O'Connell, 2015
Anna Fisher, 2016 Charlie Deatrick, 2014 Cole Rothrock, 2016
Harrison Floam, 2015 Ashton Butler, 2015 James Reeves, 2004
Jeremy Allen, 2006 Chance Hogan, 2014 Molly Brown, 2017
Robert Wilson, 2013 Ian Williams, 2015 Jacob Niswonger, 2016
Connor Douglas, 2013 Collin Cox, 2017 Kylie Hann, 2013
Reed McGrew, 2014 Nikki Berchin Brooks, 1990 Caroline Reilly, 2014
Daniel Gray, 2013 David Torp, 2015 Annie Miller, 2014
Tanner Jones, 2010 Joshua Bennett, 2017 Matthew Ridgeway, 2017
Heathie Eckerd, 1989!    


This Month’s Alumni Council Member Profile

Beau O’Dell - Class of 2006/Leadership Council, 2018-2019

Beau O'Dell-MS.jpgBeau O’Dell, class of 2006 is married to his wife, Emily and they have three children, Elliana (8) Annaleigh (4), and Beckham (2). Beau and his family live in Kennesaw and worship at Four Points Church in Acworth GA. Beau graduated in 2012 from Waldorf University with a B.S. in Fire Science Administration. He is currently an Engineer for Cobb County Fire and Emergency Services and has been with them for almost nine years and he works primarily out of work at station #23 in Powder Springs. In addition to his full time position as a firefighter, Beau earned his Property and Casualty (Life Insurance) license last year and works part-time for Farmers Insurance. He is a producer for the Divine Agency in Woodstock GA. Beau attended MPCS from 4th grade through his graduation in 2006 and has served on the Alumni Association Leadership Council since 2018. He recommends two books to read that he has recently read: The Principle of the Path by Andy Stanley, and Seven Men by Eric Metaxas. His life scripture is 1 John 4:19, one that he describes as a simple truth but one easy to overlook: the reminder that God loved us first and life is not all about us! Beau states that he would like to see the MPCS alumni program become one that helps prepare the way for the younger alums who are about to step out into the world. Beau states: “I think we have a huge network of professionals that can help guide and mentor the youth and prepare them for what they may encounter.” Reflecting on his MPCS experience and how that has made him the person that he is today, Beau states: “MPCS made a huge impact on my life. The privilege to worship every day in every moment was amazing. It helped build confidence in my faith to carry on in my life today. I have been able to see the different graduates go out into the world and do some amazing things for this country and the communities that in which they live.”

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From the President:

Caroline Bradford Alumnae of the Year Photo.jpeg“It is a privilege to be elected as the next MPCS Alumni Council President. I am honored to serve with the members of the alumni council as well as the leadership at MPCS in the upcoming years and I look forward to continuing the growth and success of the past presidents in this vital organization. My hope for the MPCS alumni council in the years to come is to continue establishing and maintaining a relationship with our alumni and utilize them as resources for our teachers within our classrooms as well as potential contacts for our graduates. I hope to continue to grow the council and its members and continue to further the mission of the school for God’s kingdom.”

 — Caroline Bradford, President, MPCS Alumni Association

Welcome Mr. Braswell!

large_text351927_73863.jpgAfter 22 years of service in the high school, we are excited to announce John Braswell has accepted a new position in the development office as Alumni Relations Manager. Mr. Braswell began with MPCS as a social studies and English teacher. For 18 years he served as high school Dean of Students. He has taught Bible and a journalism class which produced a school newspaper. Throughout his time at MPCS, John has built lasting relationships with students who have passed through his care, and has put a tremendous amount of time and effort into staying connected with our alumni. This mutual deep connection between Mr. Braswell and MPCS alumni make him a perfect fit to serve in this new role.