We are thrilled you are visiting your alma mater online! There is so much happening each year as our alumni base continues to grow and do amazing things beyond your high school years. Learn more about our alumni leadership council, and check out the news and events pages for up-to-date information on upcoming visits and reunions.  

MPCS Alumni Association Mission:

The mission of the Mount Paran Christian School Alumni Association is to promote and support Mount Paran Christian School and to foster a spirit of community and friendship among the school's alumni.


MPCS is looking for alumni to get involved in the following areas:

  • Serving on the Alumni Executive Council
  • Giving school-wide morning devotions
  • Becoming involved in the Business Incubator Model High School Initiative
  • Mentoring High School Students (Academic/Spiritual)
  • Speaking at chapel or senior class advisement
  • Simply sharing their story since MPCS

Please contact John Braswell if you have questions or interest in these alumni opportunities.

Photograph of John Braswell
John Braswell
Alumni Relations Manager


Automatic and full membership is available to all MPCS graduates, and honorary membership is granted to MPCS students who did not graduate from MPCS but meet the established criteria for honorary membership. Honorary membership may also be granted to any former or current faculty or staff member (non-alumni) who meets the established criteria for honorary membership. Honorary membership is also granted to parents of full-membership MPCS alumni who have met the necessary requirements. When matters of voting are extended to the association, only full members are entitled to vote.

MPCS Alumni Association Council


The Mount Paran Christian School Alumni Association Leadership Council comprises representatives from each graduating class, an executive council, and non-voting members such as the School’s Headmaster, Director of Development, Assistant Director of Development, and the Alumni Relations Manager. Any alumni association member may request to be a part of the leadership team by contacting the Alumni Relations Manager or the President of the Executive Council. In addition to full membership, any member interested in serving on the leadership council must be in good standing with the Association. For the year 2019, the following association members serve on the leadership council with an additional member being added yearly (June) from the current year graduating class. The leadership council is divided into the following subcommittees:

Alumni Association President: Caroline Bradford '03
Alumni Vice President: Wes Watt '09 
MPCS Alumni Relations Manager: John Braswell

Events Committee Outreach Committee
Nick Caras '12 (co-chair) Beau O'Dell '06 (co-chair)
Brittany Varville '11 (co-chair) Bain Morgan '11 (co-chair)
Joshua Brownsworth '14 Jonathan Duncan '04 
Endien Freeman '98 Timi Odowu '19
Hannah Ian '12 Devin Phillips '04
Taylor Kinsey '09 Matt Rooke '04
Communications Class Ambassadors
Josh Eisenberg '99 (co-chair) Ansley Brague '18
Wes Watt '09 (co-chair) Madeline Daniels '12
Jessica Davis '19 Donna McCoy '93
Emily Roberts '20 Harleigh Palomaki '17
  Luke Spinetto '20
  Taylor Williams '09

Caroline Bradford '03 was elected by the MPCS Alumni Leadership Council to serve as its president through June 30, 2021. Caroline follows Taylor Kinsey '09, who served as president from 2017-2019. The alumni council wishes to thank Taylor for all her efforts in expanding the alumni council and the alumni program. She was the right person for the right time! We will miss Taylor’s leadership but are excited about Caroline’s carrying the baton forward!


The Alumni Executive Council is now accepting nominations for this year's MPCS Alumnus/Alumna of the Year. As a graduate of MPCS, you are extended this opportunity to recognize one of your peers. If you know of an alumnus/alumna who might be worthy of such a recognition, please submit their name and why you think they are worthy of such an honor. The Alumni Executive Council will then consider each nomination and see who best meets the established criteria. Your nominations should be submitted no later than September 18, 2020. When submitting your recommendation, please remember that the top criterion for consideration is that the nominee is faithful to the mission of MPCS by being a servant-leader who honors God, loves others, and walks in Truth. 

Click here for more information about the criteria and to nominate an alum.


The MPCS Alumni Council announces its selection of Annie Downs ‘98 as the 2019 MPCS Alumna of the Year. Annie is a best-selling author, nationally-known speaker, and podcast host based in Nashville, Tenn. Annie says of receiving this recognition, “I am grateful to MPCS for instilling in me a sense of trust in God and myself, an opportunity to lead as student body president, and the honor of learning from my teachers at MPCS.” Congratulations, Annie!


Taylor (Mulkey) Kinsey '09
Class of 2009/Alumni Leadership Council 2015-2020

Taylor Kinsey '09 has served on the Alumni Leadership Council since 2015, including serving as president from 2017-2019. She is married to Michael Kinsey, and they have one child, Michael Lee Kinsey III, born in March of 2019.

Taylor attended Lee University, graduating in 2012 with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication, with an emphasis in Advertising. She also earned a minor in Public Relations and Bible. She and Michael are the proud owners of Reverent Wild Ranch in Chickamauga, Ga., and she is also a realtor with Better Homes and Gardens (Jackson Realty).

She and Michael attend Oakwood Baptist Church in Chickamauga. Taylor recommends the reading of two books: Present over Perfect by Shauna Niequist and Everybody Always by Bob Goff. Her favorite scripture chapter is Romans 12.

Taylor sees the alumni program growing the executive committee, hosting more events, and broadening connections with alumni and current students. She says, ”I hope the foundations laid in the past five years by the committee members will just be the start of what is to come for the alumni association.”

Reflecting on her days attending MPCS, she says, “MPCS was so vital in every part of my life. Not only did I feel that my education was a step above the rest, but having Christ intertwined in every single moment of my education set a foundation that would continue long after leaving MPCS. The teachers and staff not only teach what servant leadership is, but [also] are active examples of how to live a Christ-centered life. The combination of faith and learning produces students who are ready to represent our Savior in their homes, future campuses, and careers.”

What surprised her - and might surprise other alumni - is the direction her life took after graduation. “I recently moved my family from bustling Marietta to rural Chickamauga to become an organic cattle rancher. It was something I never planned or expected. It’s amazing how God places small wants and desires in one’s heart and lets them develop into reality! God is so good, and His plans are always bigger and better.”

Taylor Kinsey (updated 7-15-20).jpg

Brittany Kelley Varville '11
Class of 2011/Alumni Executive Council 2019-2020

Brittany Varville '11 earned her undergraduate degree at Lee University, graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, while also earning minors in Administration Management and Religion.

She is married to Michael and has a stepdaughter,  Haley, and a stepson, Lucas. Together, she and Michael have one child, Braylee. Brittany is the Senior Events Manager at JLL. She and her family attend Northstar Church. 

Brittany attended MPCS grades K-12 and serves as co-chair of the Events Planning Committee of the Alumni Leadership Council. Brittany’s life-scripture passage is Ephesians 2:8-10. 

Regarding the future of the alumni program, Brittany says, "I would like to see the MPCS alumni program grow in number and through the strength of relationships. I would like to see more alumni come back to their roots and to grow together as a family. Students graduate, and they get busy with college, jobs, their families, and just everyday life. This is a great way to have those relationships flourish and to stay connected with those who have a common foundation of faith. This also provides the opportunity for fellowship, as well as mentorship. I want to be used in a greater way to help others come together.  Brittany states that "MPCS affected my life on many levels, including my foundation in Christ, my relationship with others, and my education, which led to my career. This is more than just a school; it is a place many call home. Mount Paran continues to lead in the community for not only their incredible academics and faith, but also in their service to others. To have been molded and formed by this school is an understatement. They go above and beyond to serve those in all aspects of life. It is a true blessing and honor to call MPCS my alma mater!"

Brittany Kelley Varville.jpg

Mount Paran Alumni Association Logo
MPCS graduates

From the President:

Caroline Bradford Alumnae of the Year Photo.jpeg“It is a privilege to be elected as the next MPCS Alumni Council President. I am honored to serve with the members of the alumni council, as well as the leadership at MPCS in the upcoming years, and I look forward to continuing the growth and success of the past presidents in this vital organization. My hope for the MPCS alumni council in the years to come is to continue establishing and maintaining a relationship with our alumni and utilize them as resources for our teachers within our classrooms, as well as potential contacts for our graduates. I hope to continue to grow the council and its members and continue to further the mission of the school for God’s kingdom.”

 -Caroline Bradford '03, President,
MPCS Alumni Association

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