We are thrilled you are visiting your alma mater online! There is so much happening each year as our alumni base continues to grow and do amazing things beyond your high school years. Learn more about our alumni leadership council, and check out the news and events pages for up-to-date information on upcoming visits and reunions.  

MPCS Alumni Association Mission:

The mission of the Mount Paran Christian School Alumni Association is to promote and support Mount Paran Christian School and to foster a spirit of community and friendship among the school's alumni.


MPCS is looking for alumni to get involved in the following areas:

  • Serving on the Alumni Executive Council
  • Giving school-wide morning devotions
  • Becoming involved in the Business Incubator Model High School Initiative
  • Mentoring High School Students (Academic/Spiritual)
  • Speaking at chapel or senior class advisement
  • Simply sharing their story since MPCS

Please contact John Braswell if you have questions or interest in these alumni opportunities.

Photograph of John Braswell
John Braswell
Alumni Relations Manager


Automatic and full membership is available to all MPCS graduates, and honorary membership is granted to MPCS students who did not graduate from MPCS but meet the established criteria for honorary membership. Honorary membership may also be granted to any former or current faculty or staff member (non-alumni) who meets the established criteria for honorary membership. Honorary membership is also granted to parents of full-membership MPCS alumni who have met the necessary requirements. When matters of voting are extended to the association, only full members are entitled to vote.

MPCS Alumni Association Council


The Mount Paran Christian School Alumni Association Leadership Council comprises representatives from each graduating class, an executive council, and non-voting members such as the School’s Headmaster, Director of Development, Assistant Director of Development, and the Alumni Relations Manager. Any alumni association member may request to be a part of the leadership team by contacting the Alumni Relations Manager or the President of the Executive Council. In addition to full membership, any member interested in serving on the leadership council must be in good standing with the Association. For the year 2019, the following association members serve on the leadership council with an additional member being added yearly (June) from the current year graduating class. The leadership council is divided into the following subcommittees:

Alumni Association President: Caroline Bradford '03
Alumni Vice President: Wes Watt '09 
MPCS Alumni Relations Manager: John Braswell

Events Committee Outreach Committee Communications
Nick Caras '12 (co-chair) Tiernan Phillips '06 (chair) Taylor Williams '09 (chair)
Hannah Ian '12 (co-chair) Jeff Jahn '03 Ansley Brague '18
Endien Freeman '98 Beau O’Dell '06 Madeline Daniels '12
Taylor Kinsey '09 Harleigh Palomaki '17 Josh Isenberg '99
Donna McCoy '93 Matt Rooke '04 Wes Watt '09
Brittany Varville '11 Bain Morgan '11 Jessica Davis '19
  Jonathan Duncan '04  


Caroline Bradford '13 was recently elected by the MPCS Alumni Leadership Council to serve as its new president through June 30, 2021. Caroline follows Taylor Kinsey '09, who served as president from 2017-2019. The alumni council wishes to thank Taylor for all her efforts in expanding the alumni council and the alumni program. She was the right person for the right time! We will miss Taylor’s leadership but are excited about Caroline’s carrying the baton forward! In addition, we are happy to welcome new alumni council members Brittany Varville '11 and Bain Morgan '11 to the alumni council. Both Brittany and Bain are alumni who contacted the school to give back to the school out of gratitude for what the school meant to them. Thanks, Brittany and Bain!


The MPCS Alumni Council announces its selection of Annie Downs ‘98 as the 2019 MPCS Alumna of the Year. Annie is a best-selling author, nationally-known speaker, and podcast host based in Nashville, Tenn. Annie says of receiving this recognition, “I am grateful to MPCS for instilling in me a sense of trust in God and myself, an opportunity to lead as student body president, and the honor of learning from my teachers at MPCS.” Congratulations, Annie!


Endien Freeman '98
Class of 1998/Alumni Executive Council 2014-2020, Events Committee

Alumna Endien (Montgomery) Freeman '98 has served on the MPCS Alumni Executive Council since its inception in 2014. Endien is married to Trey Freeman, and they have four children: Katie, 11; identical twins Madison and Samantha, 9; and Jack, 3. As a family, they love to hike, having hiked hundreds of miles together. The girls have been hiking since they were three. Endien says, “We enjoy God’s beauty and making awesome family memories.” Endien graduated from Kennesaw State University in 2003 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Early Childhood Education. She was also nominated as Student Teacher of the Year that same year. She is the Chief Financial Officer for Freeman Custom Stairs, a homeschool mom of four, and the fundraising coordinator for Georgia All Star Olympics. Yet, she still finds the time to serve on the alumni council. Amazing! Endien is a life-long MPCS student, having attended MPCS from grades 1-12. Her life scripture is Matthew 5:16: “In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.”

Endien Freeman.jpg

Josh "Ike" Eisenberg '99
Class of 1999/Alumni Executive Council 2014-2020, Communications Committee

Joshua “Ike” Eisenberg '99 graduated from Lee University in 2003 with a Bachelor of Arts in Intercultural Studies. He has been married to his wife, Rachel, for 17 years. The couple has five children: Braden, 12; Cade, 10; Anders, 5; and twins Arden and Beckett, 3. Josh currently works for Northwestern Mutual as a Wealth Management Advisor. He attended MPCS in grades 8-12 and has been a member of the alumni council since its inception. He and his family attend the Restoration Church, where Josh serves as a deacon. For his book recommendation, Josh recommends that everyone read The Richest Man in Babylon. His life scripture is found in Romans 8:18 when Paul says, "I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us."

Josh Isenberg.jpg

Mount Paran Alumni Association Logo
MPCS graduates

From the President:

Caroline Bradford Alumnae of the Year Photo.jpeg“It is a privilege to be elected as the next MPCS Alumni Council President. I am honored to serve with the members of the alumni council, as well as the leadership at MPCS in the upcoming years, and I look forward to continuing the growth and success of the past presidents in this vital organization. My hope for the MPCS alumni council in the years to come is to continue establishing and maintaining a relationship with our alumni and utilize them as resources for our teachers within our classrooms, as well as potential contacts for our graduates. I hope to continue to grow the council and its members and continue to further the mission of the school for God’s kingdom.”

 -Caroline Bradford '03, President,
MPCS Alumni Association

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Alumni Reflections

John Braswell

MPCS Homecoming 2019 has come and gone, and what a fantastic event it was! Repeatedly, I heard it said from the alumni to the faculty and staff members that this year’s alumni dinner was the best yet! The numbers bear that out, as we had about 300 who participated in the dinner event - that is more than double from just two years ago.

We could not be more pleased with the blessing it was to see so many alumni at the homecoming dinner who had previously never been on the new campus. So many people made it work, so thank you to the following people and departments for their part in making this event the success that it was!

· To the MPCS Alumni Council and the entire event planning team, headed by Hannah Ian '12 and Nick Caras '12: Thank you for all your hard work handling the tent setup, dinner registration and check in, and the coffee and dessert part of the dinner.

· To the MPCS Operations Department and Scott Varner '92: Thank you for coordinating the set up and tear down of the tent and provided the necessary leadership for a successful event.

· To the MPCS Athletic Department and Caroline Bradford '03: Thank you for providing the game day script and execution of all the halftime activities. Caroline, we could not have done this without you!

· To the MPCS PTF: Thank you for assisting the alumni and their families in providing EagleFest armbands for their children to participate.

· To the MPCS Development Office of Jennifer New, Cindy Gibbs, and Paula Deiters: Thank you for making certain the check-in table was monitored and there was plenty of food and drinks for everyone. Your helping hands and oversight were so appreciated!

· To Clint Crowe '11 and his business, Elite Event Rental: Thank you for providing complimentary use of this year’s tent and all the necessary equipment inside it.

· To Cary Brague, Billy Flood, and the MPCS band members: Thank you for always providing pre-game entertainment for our fans at the homecoming football game. You are so faithful!

· To Tiffany Westbrook and the MPCS Marketing and Communications Department for taking photos for the alumni dinner. Thank you!

·  To former faculty and staff members Hayley Magouyrk, Chris Wheeler, Justin Nelson, and Dr. Joe Mulvihill '90: Thank you for traveling several hundred miles to attend the alumni dinner. It was great seeing all of you, and we welcome you back for next year’s dinner!

· To the MPCS alumni community and their families: Thank you for joining us for this year’s homecoming activities. It was so good to see you again. We are proud of you in being servant leaders who carry out the mission of the school on a daily basis.  We love being updated with your life-story and cannot wait to see you again next year!

· To Brad Banks ‘90, Brittany Holbrook ‘04, Joshua Brownsworth ‘14, Savannah Bloodworth ’16, and Scotty Valiani ‘13: Thank you for leading morning devotions during homecoming alumni week.

· To Emma Perry '18Katie Meriwether '09, Allie Shirley '10, and Audrey Morgan Cox '13: Thank you for leading middle/high school chapel.

One last thing: Congratulations to  Annie Downs '98 for having been selected as the 2019 Mount Paran Christian School Alumna of the Year!


John Braswell, Alumni Relations Manager