A group of preschoolers is clustered around a Bee-bot in their Enrichment class. They have programmed the Bee-bot to follow a path of the color names written in Spanish. The students giggle with delight and cheer as the Bee-bot follows their commands. These three- and four-year-olds are simultaneously using budding engineering skills and practicing some of the many words they are learning in Spanish, all while having fun!

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That's what the three- and four-year-old preschool programs are about at Mount Paran Christian School: presenting and learning through creativity and play, challenging young minds, and molding spirits, while having fun. From the two-story play village inside the Sewell Cottage Preschool commons area to the Enrichment room, where hands-on STEAM activities take place, learning means active exploration — always developmentally on-target, always engaging, and always Christ-centered.

Preschool Play Village


PreK student on SMART Table


PK3 and pk4

The preschool program centers around advanced levels of the Wee Learn curriculum. Students are taught through targeted curricula such as The Wright Skills for Literacy and Math Their Way. The program covers mathematics, language arts, science, fine arts, foreign language, and physical education—exceeding all Georgia Early Learning Standards. Daily Bible instruction and weekly chapels integrate God’s Truth across the curriculum. Our in-house Enrichment class includes instruction and exploration in Music, Spanish, STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, math), Art, and Critical Thinking.



As a part of our preschool, MPCS offers a Transitional Kindergarten program. After completion of PK4, this program provides an extra year of learning for young five-year-olds or children that may need additional time for developmental or academic growth. This small class creates the opportunity for developmentally-appropriate instruction, with a focus on phonics and social skills. These students then move into Kindergarten the following year with a solid foundation needed for their academic career.

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"The PreK program has given my daughter the gift of time: time to mature, time to grow, time to lead. The teachers love to learn and are making sure our children do the same. They have the time and space to work on academic principles partnered with biblical truth. The concepts presented are advanced but fun and exciting and are thoroughly preparing her for the jump to kindergarten at the big scchool. The PreK program is the best decision we have ever made for our child."

—A. Pugmire, Parent

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