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Middle School Grades 6-8

Students filled with excitement and cheering.
Mount Paran has proven a great fit for our son. Middle school is awkward enough; the students and teachers have provided such balance that our son felt at ease right away. The balance has been a comfortable, caring, Christian environment where classes are small enough to make participation inviting. He’s gained exposure to new types of electives, gourmet lunch every day, a nice balance for athletics and the arts, and the school has been an extension of what we teach at home.​​

T. Pless


Meeting Them in the Middle

There's never a dull moment in the middle school experience at MPCS. Faculty love and embrace this age group and direct them on the straight and narrow path.

middle school boy in life jacket prepares for house boat race competiton

Clubs and Extracurriculars

MPCS middle school students are given opportunities to explore their talents. Club signups occur after school begins by contacting the club sponsors.

Continuing with the End in Mind

While middle school may seem exciting now, the seemingly ominous path to high school remains in our sights ahead. Our goal is to prepare students with the study habits and time-management skills required for the rigor of the high school program and beyond. Explore more with these five tips for the next level.


5 tips for making the middle to high school transition

It was during these years that I laid a strong foundation in my life as a Christ follower, friend, and life-long student.

E. Sparks
Class of 2011

A girl focused on her graph art.

Biblical Worldview Immersion

Covenantally part of everything we do, students participate in weekly chapel, daily Bible classes, prayer, and opportunities for service, which are foundational to the Christian life experience in middle school.

Aiming for the Arts

Middle school students are encouraged to explore their creativity and develop new skills in various arts programs available. Visual art galleries and stage performances occur in the state-of-the-art Murray Arts Center facility. 

Athletics Participation

Middle school is when student-athletes begin to create bonds with teammates, build their skills, and push beyond physical limits. Competing in cut and no-cut sports is a highlight of the MPCS experience in the middle grades.

Guiding Them Through

Bumps in the road are to be expected in the middle school years. Our counseling team stands ready to guide students, teachers, and parents in navigating these times using God's Word and through ParentEd. Talks.


On the Path Toward College-Prep Curriculum

Middle school offers a wide range of just-right curricular offerings, challenging students to push themselves academically. Core subjects are taught through student-centered methods in a climate of high expectations. Every subject is taught through the lens of biblical Truth.

We have always been and continue to be impressed with the quantity and variety of extracurricular activities at MPCS. There is definitely a well-rounded offering that provides opportunity for all interests.

M. Jones


We know you have questions about middle school and are here to be your guide. 

Boys and girls sitting at a table, engaged in digital work with electronic devices.