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Lower School Grades K-5

We feel blessed to be able to have our kids in a place where they are loved, where God is put first, and that provides a solid education in a great environment.

J. Russell

MPCS Parent


Highlights of Lower School

Why does CHRISTIAN education matter in elementary school?

According to research, a child’s spiritual foundation is set by the age of 13. And — even more critical — a person’s moral foundations are in place by age 9. This is why we believe in reaching the heart of the child early in his/her school career. Read more about this topic in the WingTips blog.

A concrete case for christian education

Three young students holding and showing maps.

Innovative Approach

Students learn best when engaged in hands-on, real-world problem-solving. MPCS offers innovative programs and opportunities through STEAM and robotics, as well as outdoor science studies at the lower school garden and on-campus Bluebird Trail.

Partner in Your Parenting

The parenting journey can be a rocky path. As your missional partner, we invite you to take advantage of MPCS resources such as our blogs, podcast, and ParentEd. talks that advise on relevant topics that you face today.

See Classrooms in Action

Visit classrooms to witness tried-and-true, yet innovative, teaching. Get a first-hand look and ask questions about how your child might benefit from challenging instruction with a focus on nurturing their character and, most importantly, their faith.

Challenging Curriculum

Teachers meet students where they are on the learning pathway, bringing them up to speed or pushing them above where they thought they could go academically. 


We know you have questions about lower school and would love to be your guide. 



Previously, my child struggled with math. Her teacher was quick to tell me that she felt my daughter knew the material. Together, we developed a strategy to assess my child. My heart was set at ease, and my daughter has a new confidence about herself. Her teacher could have left my daughter with forever anxiety about school, but she did not. Instead, she went out of her way to allow my child the opportunity to shine. Isn’t that the true goal anyway? What a gem we have in our teachers. K. Surgala