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Come on in, but don't leave your sense of humor at the door. You're going to need it. A class of third graders is enjoying the perennial favorite, How to Eat Fried Worms, and the belly laughs inspired by the characters' antics can be heard down the hall. Novel studies in the lower school fosters a love of reading and a springboard for higher-level thinking: "Would you eat the worm? What deeper motives might be causing Billy to eat it?" And while the students are not actually encouraged to eat worms (just in case you were growing concerned), they are challenged to envision new ways to serve them up!

After all, learning in the lower school is all about broadening perspectives and developing minds. It's about studying specific skills, while also mastering foundational strategies. And, above all, it's about developing a love of learning... for life.

Lower School STEAM Garden


Every teacher, including exploratory teachers, is a degreed, Georgia-certified teacher. All kindergarten through second grade teachers are trained in the Orton-Gillingham reading approach. More than 50% of the lower school faculty is gifted-certified. Many hold advanced degrees in their field.


Small Student-Teacher Ratios

Class size is limited to allow teachers to meet the individual needs of each child. Small classes are what truly enable every student to be known and loved with personal attention and instruction.

Grades K-2 have an average 10:1 student-teacher ratio (varies by year.)

Grades 3-5 have an average 16:1 student-teacher ratio (varies by year.)

Paraprofessionals assist teachers in all grades. Lower school counselors also work with children through positive guidance and proactive social-skills initiatives.


Covenant Relationship

Every teacher is dedicated to the Christian faith and committed to integrating faith into all aspects of the school experience. Their desire is to truly KNOW each child, nurture their strengths, and work with them on a growth mindset to build up areas where they struggle more. 

Lower School Teachers


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Proven Curriculum

Students receive standards-based instruction in Bible, math, language arts (reading, grammar, writing), science (STEAM), and social studies. Curriculum exceeds state requirements and prepares students with the qualifications needed for entrance into the MPCS middle school.

Though MPCS does engage in testing in designated grades once per year, teachers do not teach to the exam and only use this data to improve their craft. 


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Biblical Integration

Students participate in weekly chapels, daily Bible instruction, and prayer. Every subject is taught through the lens of biblical truth.


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Students participate in a different exploratory class each day. Rotations include:

  • Spanish
  • art
  • music
  • critical thinking
  • STEAM (science/technology),
  • physical education

P.E. and/or recess is offered every day of the week.


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Technology Integration

Technology is integrated across the curriculum through mobile wireless laptop labs, computer labs, LCD projectors, the use of iPads, and classroom ActivBoards. Read more about the Connected Learning Program.


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Media Center

The Myrick Media Center serves the lower school with print material and technology to support the Accelerated Reader program. Maker Space is also a hands-on program available which challenges and inspires creative thinking.


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Gifted Enrichment Program

The ENCORE enrichment program is comparable to a traditional gifted program offered to qualifying students in third through fifth grades. This program is an additional fee. Learn more about ENCORE and our other niche programs for exceptional learning.


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Advanced Classes

Advanced language arts and math are offered to eligible fourth and fifth graders. These grades also switch classrooms for most subjects.


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Speech - Language Services

MPCS is pleased to provide an on-site certified and licensed, Speech-Language Pathologist to to serve the students with speech services on the Mount Paran Christian School campus. The mission of Speech Pathology at MPCS is for our students to grow academically and socially by increasing their overall communication skills. In the areas of articulation, language, voice, and fluency, we evaluate and provide appropriate services to meet the individual communication needs of our students. It is also our goal to provide convenient, lower cost, academically-coordinated speech support for our students.

Fees for the speech program are set up on an annual school-year basis with services generally offered from August through May. MPCS provides weekly speech services, with exception for field trips, holidays, or illness.


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Directed Studies Program

The Directed Studies program at MPCS supports non-traditional learners with mild learning differences or dyslexia in developing clear and confident understanding of their God-given gifts. MPCS was founded on the philosophy of working with every type of young learner to provide appropriate challenge and individual success. Learn more about directed studies.


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Transitional K

Depending on demand, MPCS sometimes offers a Transitional Kindergarten program available in kindergarten in unison with our Homeschool Hybrid. This program provides an extra, focused year of learning for young five-year-olds or children that aren't quite ready to move on to Kindergarten. Very small class instruction helps children hone their phonics and social skills to prepare them to move on to Kindergarten or first grade the following year.


Lower School Students Dissection
Lower School Playground
MPCS Third Grade Historical Person Studies

Lower School Highlights

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Clubs and Extracurriculars

Lower school clubs and opportunities to get involved include:

  • Lower School Musical
  • First® LEGO® League/STEAM clubs
  • Kid Chess Club
  • Grandparents' Day
  • Visual @rt Night and music performances
  • Girl Scouts
  • Boy Scouts
  • Murray Arts Academy after-school dance and music lessons
  • MPC football family tailgates
  • Homeless Pet Club


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Arts and Athletics Opportunities

In fifth grade, students are also offered orchestra, band, or chorus to provide additional options. They may also participate in no-cut sports on specific teams which compete in the Metro 10 league.


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Community Service

The annual Family Serve Day allows lower school students to put servant-leadership into practice. They also are able to serve in various ways throughout the year with grade-level projects, food drives, ministry collections, and #BeKind activities.


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High School Role Models

MPCS lower school students have the unique opportunity to interact with students in upper grades at MPCS through school activities, tutoring, classroom mentorships, and athletic events.


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Field Trips

Each grade plans curriculum-specific field trips both on and off campus. Though always fun and age-appropriate, field trips engage learners with authentic experiences related to what's studied in the classroom.


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After-School Program

Our after-school program "Eagle Adventure Zone" for grades PK3-5th is offered every day until 6:00 p.m. Active play and focused hands-on learning are always taking place in EAZ! There is an additional fee for this service. 

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