Enabling students to maximize their God-given gifts and talents in a Christ-centered environment is the driving purpose of everything we do in the high school. Knowing each individual is gifted differently, we seek to achieve our goal by providing excellent opportunities in academics, arts, athletics, and co-curricular activities, all built upon a firm commitment to Jesus Christ.


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Outside of the classroom, students participate in a variety of co-curricular activities. Student life at MPCS is chock full of arts productions, bustling sports schedules, weekly club activities, service projects, and social events. From High School Retreat, homecoming, study abroad, missions, community service, class trips, and academic clubs, there is never a dull moment at MPCS. 

Our seniors achieve 100 percent acceptance to top four-year colleges and universities, and graduating classes have earned more than $8-million in scholarships annually (before HOPE/Zell). Dedicated teachers are highly qualified and committed to providing enriched learning experiences in a Christ-centered environment.


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Academically, the high school offers a wide range of curricular offerings, challenging students to develop analytical abilities and problem-solving skills. With more than 23 Advanced Placement (AP) course offerings spanning the curriculum, students are challenged to pursue course content normally reserved for college. Honors courses, 37 of which are offered in every content area (except Bible), provide additional academic challenges for students who wish to delve more deeply into a specific content area. The innovative STEM/STEAM program with Project Lead The Way® curriculum introduces students to the design and creation process, which is in high demand throughout the modern business world. The Directed Studies program provides additional, personalized support for students with diagnosed learning needs. Overall, 25 total course units are required for MPCS graduation.

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Developing servant-leaders is part of the mission of MPCS. Our high school students are actively involved in many different clubs and service organizations, which help develop responsibility, collaboration, and a heart to serve.


"I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute here. This has been a dream come true for me. I have never loved going to school this much! Every time I walk in the building, I feel so welcome and loved. I am so thankful for the opportunity to go to Mount Paran."

—M. Thrower, Student

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MPCS Course Catalogue (2023-2024)
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Grade Chairs

Grade Chairs serve as a line of communication with parents and faculty about issues that affect the student's academic performance. They advise, challenge, encourage, and nurture students as they set and attempt to reach their own goals. Grade Chairs also promote class unity and a sense of community. In conjunction with the high school administration and college counselors, partnering with classroom teachers, Grade Chairs devise the best program of study and most effective policies for the student's academic progress.

Photograph of Katie Harrison
Katie Harrison
High School, English, Freshman Grade Chair
Photograph of Denise Barker
Denise Barker
High School, World Languages, Sophomore Grade Chair
Photograph of Missy O'Sullivan
Missy O'Sullivan
High School, Math Chair, Junior Grade Chair
Photograph of Amy Schwan
Amy Schwan
High School, Social Studies Chair, Senior Grade Chair

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