Mount Paran Christian School was founded on the belief that all children are uniquely created with distinct strengths upon which they can build. Our instructors recognize the development of a student’s abilities and talents may evolve differently. Therefore, instructors seek to know each child deeply in order to personalize his or her path of learning.

Beginning in lower school, MPCS offers reading support, directed studies for those with learning differences, on-level classes, advanced classes, accelerated courses, honors/AP paths, and gifted instruction through our ENCORE program. Though each learning journey may be diverse, academic excellence can be attained by every student. 

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Since its inception in 1976, the Directed Studies program at MPCS has made it a priority to support non-traditional learners in developing a clear and confident understanding of their God-given gifts. Student success advances by applying customized learning strategies uniquely suited to individual strengths. Students increasingly view themselves as highly-capable learners as they accomplish their goals. When discovered, these attributes support the true heart and soul of a Christian education — inspiring young men and women to aspire to all that the Lord has in store for them as life-long learners and successful students within our challenging college-preparatory program and beyond.

Over the past four decades, the MPCS Directed Studies program has been fine-tuned toward helping all types of learners find academic success. From mild learning differences to dyslexia, the core of this well-established program has unceasingly supported our school mission in the preparation of confident learners and servant-leaders.

Encore program Golf project at MPCS


MPCS also accommodates the advanced or gifted learner, one who tends to be a highly-motivated, critical thinker able to glean knowledge quickly and independently. Qualified faculty are equipped to challenge young learners from enrichment programs to Advanced Placement.

Directed studies at MPCS teacher and students
Lower School MPCS Student
high school English at MPCS

"My son had been sick and missed a lot of material and review for a test. His teacher met us over the weekend and gave an hour of her time to work with him. It's caring teachers that my child works with every day that makes us know that Mount Paran is such the right fit for our family."

-A. Stephens, Parent

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