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Faculty and Staff

Peak Performance by Faculty and Staff


Followers of Jesus Christ

committed to the MPCS Christian covenant and fusing faith into the classroom.


Years Experience

on average for all MPCS faculty preschool through high school. 


Certified and/or Degreed

Preschool and lower school teachers are state-certified and degreed. Middle and high school teachers are state-certified and/or have discipline-specific degrees.


Masters Degrees

held on average by MPCS faculty and staff and 7% with specialist or doctorate degrees. 


Orton-Gillingham Trained

faculty in preschool and all lower school language arts teachers. In PK3 through grade 5, 65% are trained in the Complete Reading Series. 



among lower school faculty, as well as 13% of preschool teachers.

Employee Directory

1 2 3 20 > showing 1 - 16 of 306 constituents
1 2 3 20 > showing 1 - 16 of 306 constituents


MPCS is always interested in receiving applications and information regarding qualified and experienced teachers, office staff, and other support staff. Minimum requirements for a teaching position at MPCS are a Bachelor's Degree in the appropriate subject area and/or educational level, a valid Georgia teaching certificate for PK through eighth grade (eligibility for a Georgia teaching certificate will be considered), and a strong desire to teach in an environment such as MPCS provides. Please use the online employment applications below to submit to the human resources department.

Join the MPCS Family!


Jodee Foster
Director of Human Resources
Email: Email Jodee 
Tel: (770) 578-0182 ext. 2047

“I honestly feel like I won the job lottery. To say this place is exceptional would be a vast understatement. I have never worked under such able, competent, caring, involved, focused, and supportive leadership. They are truly concerned with the overall well-being of all involved at MPCS, from students to parents to teachers. I am so grateful to be a part of this incredible organization.”


Middle School

“Mount Paran truly focuses on teaching kids using a discovery approach and helping students understand that it isn't that they can't do something, but that they can't do it YET. We utilize problem solving, questioning, and deeper levels of thinking. We get to know our students and how they learn so we can best teach them.”

A. Cochran

Assistant Head of High School

“MPCS is truly the BEST place to work. Employees at all levels are valued and contribute to the overall success of the school. We care for one another regardless of one’s position or role in the school. Other schools may be amazing, but the bond that we have as believers seeking to do Kingdom work creates the best ‘work environment.’ I don’t think I could teach anywhere else after being here at MPCS.”


Business Office