Why are we here?

Why did God call us to this shared educational ministry journey? What makes this work fresh and exciting every day? What, if anything, still drives our common love – yes, passion – for this school? The answers, while seemingly simple, are profound:

It's a calling.
Divine callings do not come and go with our whims or age. Our calling as ministers in this shared work is affirmed every day by our personal commitment to the place.

It's a mission.
They are not simply words on a page or a gratuitous ascent to the expected; the MPCS Mission Statement has stood for years as the inspiration and the definer of our call – Christ-centered environment…academic excellence…unites with home and church…servant-leadership…honor God…love others… these are powerful statements of a compelling, heartfelt mission.

It’s the students.
To see them grow; to watch them step into the shoes of those who just moved on. There is always an "Oh, no!" when we graduate a class. Who will be there to do what they have done? Who will fill the void? And yet, year after year, the upcoming seniors rise to the occasion with new vitality and freshness. What a joy it is to see the growth of students as they move from preschool through high school.

It’s the staff.
MPCS has the best. Are we perfect? Of course not. But will we settle for mediocrity? No! The 215 people who come to work at MPCS each day to teach classes, staff offices, clean rooms, cook our meals, direct our productions, or coach our students are some of the most dedicated and Christ-centered anywhere.

It’s the parents.
I am honored as I watch parents sacrificially declare their greatest God-gift and treasure – their children – into our care, expressing a willingness to entrust their educational, spiritual, physical, and emotional journey to those of us who work at MPCS. This is both amazing and humbling!

Thanks once again for entrusting us with your greatest gifts. We share with you a belief that the best lies ahead at the school we all love, and our children deserve the best from all of us. We are thankful for God’s continued faithfulness and live in constant reminder that He has blessed us more than we could ever dream or imagine!

Dr. David Tilley

All MPCS parents are invited to meet our new Headmaster Dr. Tim Wiens and his family Wednesday, January 10, in the Murray Arts Center from 3:30 to 5:00 p.m. There will be a short introduction in the Kristi Lynn Theatre followed by a meet-and-greet in the grand lobby.

We look forward to welcoming Dr. Wiens and his family as he begins his journey as MPCS headmaster July of 2018. Please click here to read more about Dr. Wiens and his family.

An MPCS Graduate


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